Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet: Living The CrossFit Life, Episode 4

Not every workout will play to your strengths. Camille's sessions are no different. What separates this world-class CrossFitter from the rest is her drive to finish.

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Camille is among the elite, but that doesn't mean everything comes easy. She has to work for each and every win and top finish.

It's not surprising that she has her favorite competition WODs. What might be surprising: just because she dominates a WOD doesn't mean it tops her list. "When I compete, I like Fran because I know I'm going to win it," she says. "But it's not my favorite. I can do it with my eyes closed. I'm at the point that if I do it unbroken as best as I can, my time will only change by a second or two."

Never one to take the easy route, Camille's favorite training workouts are the most challenging for her—ones that allow her to get better and gain confidence. "If I'm doing a workout with front squats and I start at 135 and do that for every round unbroken, I gain confidence in that movement," she says. "That's my favorite type of workout. I love when I just gain that extra step."

When it comes to her least favorite workouts, rowing for time or distance tops the list. "That would be my nightmare that already happened, just because it's hard for me to catch a big girl," Camille says referring to her 1/2 marathon row at the CrossFit games. "Mentally, it took a month to get over it," she adds. "At the games I started feeling fresh again Saturday night, but I couldn't walk right after. The strategy for me was pretty much 'Don't cry' and 'Finish it so at least you can still compete.' That was it."

Camille also hates workouts that leave her with self doubt. "On those I get very mental," she says. "It's not the workout; it's more me."

The CrossFit Lifestyle Episode 4
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Camille's main source of protein is lean meat—mainly chicken and fish, with occasional red meat thrown into the mix. Still, in order to make sure she gets all of the nutrients needed to fuel her body, she supplements her diet. "I hit a plane when it was too hard to eat X amount of this type of vitamin or mineral," she says. "Now, I can just supplement. That way I feel healthy and more balanced."

For Camille, protein and aminos are essential. "I use Syntha 6 for the taste, because the company's honest, and because I know what I'm absorbing from the product," she says. "In addition to Syntha 6, I really like to drink watermelon-flavored Amino X," she adds. "It helps me stay super hydrated."

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