Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet: Living The CrossFit Life, Episode 3

Recognizing your weakness is just as important as dominating your strength. Here's how Camille has learned to tackle her weaker points while still improving overall.

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We all know how easy it is to dismiss our weakness. Training what we're best at makes us feel like we've crushed our workout, while doing movements we're less skilled at can leave us feeling defeated. But when you're one of the top-rated CrossFit athletes in the world, bypassing your least favorite workout isn't an option. Not even close. "I need to win my strength, and I need to not be bad at my weakness," Camille says. "Those are pretty much the two things I work on constantly, all the time."

Camille tackles her areas for improvement methodically. She takes them on one at a time, and never lets training in one area zap her overall power. "I'll pick a new thing, set a goal, and practice it for maybe a month," she says. "But I don't forget everything else just for one thing because then everything goes downhill and you're not good at anything anymore."

The CrossFit Lifestyle Episode 3
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When it comes to nutrition, protein reigns supreme. Although Camille has tried many variations of her diet, altering her protein intake has had the biggest impact. "This year, we realized that I need to take in around 200 grams of protein a day," she says. "I remember being like 'Oh, God. How am I going to do that and is it even helpful?" An increase in protein made all the difference.

Camille breaks her daily allotment into five meals spread throughout the day. "I'm not going to eat 10 chicken breasts," she says. A breakfast of five eggs, a lunch of 20-30 grams of lean protein, and a dinner that rounds out her macros accompany two protein shakes, which are perhaps the most important part of supplementation. "Those shakes save my day because they have lots of protein and are easy to make," Camille says. "That's when I perform best," she adds. It's part of the nutrition that fuels her workouts. "They help insure that I'm not losing any muscle and that I'm still gaining strength. Protein is super important."

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