Fitness 360: Nicole Moneer Guerrero - Training

As a bikini pro, Nicole knows how to work it, and you can bet she knows how to work out! Her training includes a grip of reps, plyometrics, yoga and kickboxing instruction!

Long-term fitness is difficult to maintain. Millions of people have made incredible transformations, then slipped back into old habits and unhappy physiques.

Nicole is no different from you; she has moments of weakness, she cheats, she may even have negative thoughts (although there is no proof of such!). To keep up to her standards, to remain 3-to-5 pounds away from being contest ready at ALL times, she abides unfailingly to a varying workout regimen.

She hits the weights 5-6 times per week, targeting every major muscle group. Her dance and cheer history built an incredible and stable lower half, but her shoulders were a weak spot. She works her upper body twice per week. The cut sinew on her shoulders wasn't there 10 years ago; she built it with plyometrics and body-weight torture.

She now does cardio only twice per week by teaching cardio kickboxing courses, but when she was a cheerleader, it was up around 5 times per week. Now she is a bikini pro, headed to the 2012 Olympia, so she can't do as much cardio, to preserve critical muscle mass.

"I usually take two days of rest per week, but sometimes I take more," Guerrero said. "It's my body. I know what works best. And rest is going to help you grow and make those changes, and you're going to come back stronger."

Nicole Moneer Guerrero's Fitness Program

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Nicole has been a size zero for 19 years, without fail. She maintains by keeping steady and avoiding extremes. Her plan is consistent, planned and specific.

"I don't believe in doing drastic things to the body," Guerrero said. "I'm at a point where it's all about maintenance, and you become your own scientist. I am always trying to trick my body by doing different exercises each week. Change is good and it also helps prevent being bored or hitting a plateau."

To avoid that inevitable stagnation, Nicole varies her exercise mechanisms. Free weights and machines give way to stability balls, medicine balls, gliding discs, tubing, kettlebells, bodyweight and more.

For stretching, a vital component to any plan, Nicole relies on Pilates, hot yoga and foam rolling.

"I move so much better, I am not tight or in pain and it's a great stress reliever," Guerrero said. "Stretching is just as important as nutrition, weights and cardio. Make time for it, especially if you want longevity in the gym AND in your life!"

Day 1: Cardio/Shoulders/Back

Cardio: 1 hour Kickboxing Class

Pilates Reformer: Stretching and Core

Day 2: Arms
Day 3: Legs/Plyos

Pilates Reformer: Stretching, Adductor work and Core

Day 4: Cardio/Chest

Cardio: 1 hour Kickboxing Class

Day 5: Cardio

Cardio: Teach Strictly Strength (full-body endurance)

Note: Lifting depends … I will hit shoulders or arms after class. I like to hit these muscle groups twice per week since those are areas I need a little more size and have gotten great results by doing so.

Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Rest or Hot Yoga

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