Coffee and Pecan Protein Bread

Looking for a new way to add some protein to your morning meal? Add a dunk-friendly treat to your cup of joe with this protein-rich recipe!

Coffee and Pecan Protein Bread
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This recipe for protein bread was born out of two interrelated passions: a passion for coffee and a passion for bread—particularly bread topped with almond butter! It's one of my favorite things to have for breakfast before heading to the gym. I get my carbs, protein, and a nice little punch of caffeine to dip into my double espresso or large Americano! What's not to love, right?

I baked these mini breads in a loaf pan, but if you don't have one, don't worry. Muffin tins work just as well and allow you to make three personal-sized servings, which is great for spreading this guilt-free treat throughout your week.

Want to make this recipe even better? Frost each muffin with your choice of protein frosting. Just whip together your chosen flavor of casein, some Greek yogurt, and milk. Not only will you up the protein content of your dish, you'll also add an extra layer of creaminess and flavor pow!

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