Buff Bride: Wedding Nutrition

Nutrition is more than half the battle. Build good habits you can carry from pre-wedding prep to post-marital bliss with this guide.

Buff Bride: Wedding Nutrition

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How you're going to look in your wedding photos may provide all the motivation you need to get your tushy to the gym, but it's imperative to support your workouts with good nutrition habits.

In fact, what you eat is probably responsible for nearly 80 percent of your results. Don't let that thought scare you, though. Think of your quest for a sexy wedding bod as a lifestyle change, not a short burst of eating only rabbit food. In fact, with the huge number of recipes available on Bodybuilding.com, you won't have to default to rabbit food at all!

As you bypass the chips aisle and shop the perimeter of the store, you may feel overwhelmed with figuring out what food is "right" and "wrong." Try not to sweat it. Remember, we're working on a lifestyle, so keep some perspective. Make small, manageable changes instead of drastic ones. Do your best to stick to whole, nutrient-dense foods over anything packaged or processed, and don't panic if you slip up once in a while.

Do your best to stick to whole, nutrient-dense foods over anything packaged or processed, and don't panic if you slip up once in a while.

It's also important not to set unrealistic goals. If you want healthy, sustainable fat loss, you probably shouldn't aim to go from a size 10 to a size 2 in four weeks. Focus instead on working hard in the gym, being smart in the kitchen, and enjoying the changes you see in the mirror.

If changing your diet makes you feel uncomfortable, and you dread even thinking about fitness, it may be in your best interest to follow one of the above free trainers. Each trainer includes a detailed meal plan, so you'll know exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Through each program, you'll learn more about nutrition and how you can adopt your own healthy plan after the wedding.

The articles below are also excellent resources. They'll help you through the process of understanding serving sizes and figuring out the optimal amounts of fat, carbs, and protein to get you toward your goal of looking great in your dream dress. They'll also provide some great tips on how to strike a balance between being consistent with your healthy lifestyle and having a social life.

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