Body Transformation: Anna Cut 140 Pounds From Her Life

Anna wanted to live a more active lifestyle but her weight was holding her back. Read on to see how Anna dominated her program and lost 140 pounds!

Vital Stats

Name: Anna Mefferd

Anna Mefferd Anna Mefferd


330 lbs


190 lbs

Why I Got Started

I was just so tired of being very overweight. I had always secretly thought of myself as athletic but I was not. There were so many activities and adventures I wanted to do but I could not because of my weight.

I realized not only was I weighing my body down with excess weight but also my spirit and zest for life. December 2009 I purchased an elliptical and dropped about 30 pounds. I had previously lost 20 or so pounds before but gained it back. This time I really wanted to do it!

I found Jen Heath, an online personal trainer who I contacted. I liked the idea of having some help and support but being and being able to afford it too. I also really liked her attitude. After I sent her my pics and stats her response was, "This is gonna be fun!" I loved that kick butt attitude and felt that this time I could really do it!

Being overweight always held her back. Now nothing can stop her.

How I Did It

My workout program started slowly, building up strength and fitting in cardio when and where I could. I started using workouts as a way to de-stress after work. Previously I would just make way too much pasta and veg out by the TV. As I got stronger, I started to see results and that kept me going. I can't even begin to tell you how ecstatic I was when I was able to do my first chin-up!

I also started biking with a friend - eventually building up to longer and more intense rides. With my new found fitness I was also able to start doing some of those activities I had always dreamed of doing like snowboarding and doing a surf camp.

Changing my diet was definitely a wake-up call for me. At first I had a hard time getting in my protein requirements without going over in carbohydrates. I had previously been eating way too many of those. Jen was great in helping me figure out how to change my diet. Eating higher protein and lower carbohydrate made a huge difference with my weight loss and energy. Staying on track with my diet the weight came off fast and I felt very clear, alert and strong.

When I did have cheat meals I felt much more lethargic and puffy. It is also amazing to observe how addictive refined carbohydrates can be. I know that staying on track with a good diet will always be work for me but it's totally doable. I still have another 20 or so pounds to go but I know I can accomplish my goals.

Kicking excess carbohydrates to the curb has made all the difference.
Kicking excess carbohydrates to the curb has made all the difference.
Kicking excess carbohydrates to the curb has made all the difference.


Daily With Meals:
Between Breakfast & Lunch:
Morning, Post Workout, & Night:
Post Workout:
Intra Workout:


Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3: Post Workout

Meal 4:

Meal 5:


My routines are changing every few months but here is what I am currently doing:

Day 1: Biking
  • Bicycling Bicycling


    15 min hard intervals, 45 min steady climbing or riding
Day 2: Circuit 1

Repeat 5x:

Day 3: Cardio Only
Day 4: Circuit 2
Day 5: Cardio Only
Day 6: HIIT Sprints

Repeat 20x:

Day 7: Rest

Suggestions for Others

Find what exercise and activity works for you. For me going to the gym was a hassle so doing workouts at home was a great fit.

Find a buddy or several for working out and being active. Having friends to ride or snowboard with was great!

Sign up for a doable event in the future. Spring 2010 I signed up for a 40 mile fall bike ride. At the time the most I had ridden was under 15 miles so it was a great incentive to get my butt out the door and on the bike!

Slip-ups are okay. I definitely had times where my diet was not so great for a week or so, BUT, I kept working out and would get back into the groove. I found that the diet breaks had me coming back stronger for the next 10-or-20 pounds.

Having support such as a personal trainer like Jen as my online coach has been amazing. It has made all the difference for me. Times where I might have given up she has been there rooting me on and pushing me to be a better, fitter person. Accountability is really important.

Have a quote or mantra that helps push you on. I always think, "A body in motion stays in motion" which it totally true. When I am active I keep on being active. If I don't work out for a few days it's always harder to get in gear again, but when you do it feels so good!

Trainer Credit:
Jen Heath,

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