Ask The Protein Powder Chef: What's The Best Way To Make Waffles?

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Hi Anna! I really want to add some protein to my waffle recipe, but I'm not sure how much to add or which type to use. What's your recipe?

If you have a waffle maker, you need to try these protein waffles. They're just like regular waffles, but better! Don't have a waffle maker? Don't worry; just fry the batter like you're making pancakes!

Below is an easy recipe for banana flaxseed protein waffles. I made them using Myofusion's Probiotic Blend and a couple of tablespoons of pea protein powder. If you don't have pea protein powder, add coconut flour or a couple more tablespoons of almond meal instead. You can also add an actual banana to your mix if you want them even more "banana-full," or throw in some cottage cheese for extra moistness.

If you want, tweak the ingredients to fit your macros. For breadier, more carb-dense waffles, use more oats and less flaxseed (or no flaxseed at all). If you want your waffles low-carb, substitute the oats with ground almonds.

Play around with the ingredients and flavors. You can also add some great textures to create a stack of waffles unlike any other. Experiment and have fun!

Anna's Protein Waffle Recipe

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