Ask The Protein Powder Chef: Do You Have A Recipe For Birthday Cake?

Cake doesn?t have to be covered in sugary frosting or made of ice cream to be delicious. Still skeptical? Put this delicious protein black forest cake to the test!


Do you have a recipe for birthday cake?

Do I ever! And I've got a great reason to eat one, too. This month, turns the big one-five. You read right! The site you're reading has grown from a creatine-peddling baby swaddled in a blue blanket, to a tot learning his way in the world, to a precocious child, to a pimply faced teen repping out biceps curls in the basement.

Along the way, the site has enriched the world of fitness by soaking up knowledge and disseminating it to an ever-increasing community of diehard enthusiasts. A lot has changed in that time, but the most consistent element in's message over the last 15 years is probably the importance of nutrition—the cornerstone of all physique endeavors. So what better way to celebrate the anniversary than with a black forest protein cake?

Looking at this cake's ingredients might leave you surprised—they're not what you'd typically expect from a black forest cake. There's no whipped cream, no Kirschwasser or other liquors, and the maraschino cherries are entirely optional. But with a cake this incredibly moist, sweet, and rich with vanilla and chocolate flavor, you'll still get the most important parts of the experience!

Since this question almost always shows up in the comments, I'll answer it now: Yes, you can play around with your protein powders. I've included a couple of options below, but don't feel limited to them.

Make this cake your own, and use that personal touch to celebrate the birthday of a friend, loved one, or the most amazing health and fitness website on earth!

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