10 Best-Tasting Ready-To-Drink Protein Shakes

Pop the top on some of the most delicious ready-to-drink protein shakes and waters on the market. Our readers are here to give you the lowdown on which ones should be in your gym bag!

10 Best-Tasting Ready-To-Drink Protein Shakes

Eating enough protein can be difficult, especially on training days. You're short on time. You don't want to eat something heavy before or after the gym. And the idea of trying to cram another ounce of chicken into your stomach makes you queasy.

Enter the RTD! These ready-to-drink shakes and waters pack enough protein to provide the recovery your body sorely needs, and they'll keep you full and away from the snack machine. Not all protein supps are equal, though, especially when it comes to taste. We've made your job easy by gathering the 10 best-tasting RTDs in one place for you. Don't believe us? Just read what BodySpace members are saying!

1 Dymatize Iso-100 Clear RTD

Dymatize ISO-100 Clear RTD
10.2G Of Bcaas, 0G Of Sugar, 1G Of Carbs


"Iso-100 Clear Blue Raspberry tastes very refreshing, especially when chilled, exactly like a raspberry lemonade! I was able to drink this in between powdered (milk) protein shakes."


"It wasn't heavy, and I didn't feel like I was drinking a milk product, which I liked. It's a great change of pace and an awesome product for someone on the go."


"Great flavor, freeze these for a few hours so they're nice and frosty and you got yourself a 40-gram protein slushee! Great taste, no bitter aftertaste."

2 Met-Rx RTD 51

High Protein Ready-To-Drink Shake!


"I buy it by the case drinking two a day: one when I get up and one before I go to bed. I do recommend this product to anyone interested in a quick and easy way to get your extra protein in. It tastes great!"


https://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/AtomAnt70/ "Delicious, best way to describe these. I slightly favor vanilla over cookies and creme but can't go wrong with either. Can't beat the convenience and taste."


"Taste amazing and have a great profile. No mess or water needed like with powder shakes. Perfect for at work or on-the-go meals. Definitely my favorite RTD on the market."

3 Labrada Lean Body RTD

Labrada Lean Body RTD
A Complete Formula With 40g Of Protein, Full Of Nutrients With 0g Sugar!


"I can feel the thickness of the casein which keeps me from feeling hungry until I can get some real breakfast in. The Banana flavor reminds me a lot of banana custard or pudding."


"I love these protein shakes! It tastes better than any powered OR ready-made shake that I've tried. My second order came today, with a mix of chocolate, banana, vanilla, and cookies and cream."


"This is my favorite RTD Protein by far! First time I tried the Cookies and Cream, I just couldn't believe the taste was so good with those macros. If you like the taste of Dulce de Leche, I suggest going for the Caramel one."

4 ABB Pure Pro 50

ABB Pure Pro 50
50g of Milk & Whey Protein with Minimal Sugar and Fat


"Best bottled protein drink on the market. At least the best I've had. Cookies and Cream is like drinking a desert it's so good."


"It has a slight "Reese's Peanut Butter Cup" aftertaste and does a good job of curbing my chocolate peanut butter obsession with under 300 calories and 50 grams of protein."


"These shakes are fantastic after workouts...nice and convenient, quality ingredients and tastes great! I usually get them super cold and guzzle."

5 CytoSport Whey Isolate Protein Drink

CytoSport Whey Isolate Protein Drink
Perfect Protein Drink For Pre- & Post-Workout!


"All flavors are very good, easy for on the go!"


"Excellent Product! I sip it throughout my heavy weight training days. It continually feeds my muscles with the BCAA's. I've only tried the Tangerine flavor, and I love it."


"Watermelon and fruit punch protein mixers are so amazing right after a workout when a smoothie is just too much! Get hydrated and get your 20-40 grams of protein! YUM!"

6 Pure Protein Shake

Pure Protein Shake
A Delicious, Convenient Option For You To Take Your Protein On The Go!


"This is one of my favorite protein powders. It blends well, has a smooth taste, and no aftertaste. Has been a repeat purchase many times for me."


"The macros on this are fantastic! I also love that it is a blend with casein and not just a whey. Strawberry Cream hit the spot! The best tasting strawberry protein drink I've probably ever had."


"Very smooth pre-made shakes that taste great. Convenient option when you need a drink on the go and don't want to carry a shaker and thing of powder. Vanilla and strawberry were the two best."

7 Nature's Best Zero Carb Isopure Drink

Nature's Best Zero Carb Isopure Drink
Liquid Protein Made With Pure Ion Exchange Whey Protein!


"Amazing drink. All the flavors I have tried are good. Zero carbs and high protein. No one can go wrong here."


"Passion fruit is my favorite flavor. I love isopure drinks. Great macros, great taste, and overall the perfect drink!"


"They drink like a juice but they are packed with 40 grams of isolate protein with no carbs. And they taste better than any protein powder I have ever used. I can even drink them with a meal!"

8 EAS Myoplex Original Ready-to-Drink

EAS Myoplex Original Ready-to-Drink
42G of Sustained-Release Protein!


"This is the best tasting 'ready to go' protein, my stomach can agree with! For me on the go is key. This makes it easy for me to stick to getting my protein in without skipping."


"These are a great option to keep on hand when you're in a hurry and need to grab something quickly. I've kept a pack in the car and a pack at the office. The best flavors are Chocolate Fudge and Rich Dark Chocolate."


"Creamy flavoring and great nutrition for the price. I used this as an alternative to soymilk rather than a supplement, and found it really refreshing. It's a good product for beginners to supplements."

9 BSN Syntha-6 RTD

BSN Syntha-6 RTD
Designed to Support Muscle Growth, Recovery, and Nutrition


"Love these little suckers! Has a few carbs but after my workout that's OK. Tastes better than other RTDs for sure. Glad my gym has them and that's the only place I drink them. I wouldn't be able to drink just one at home knowing they are in my fridge."


"A really well made supplement, I don't think any others can rival in taste, and the amount of different proteins is really up there too."


"The tastes for all of them are very solid and diversified. I guarantee there is no other protein powder that will have 22 grams of protein and this good taste."

10 Nature's Best Cocotein

Nature's Best Cocotein
Contains 20 Grams Of 100% Isopure Whey Isolate!


"This drink tastes PHENOMENAL. If you're using it as a post-workout fuel/supplement, I'd say that this product is perfect. Refreshing, light, and high-protein."


"This is my first Isopure I've had. It tastes so great!! The best protein RTD I've ever had. Will be getting a case."


"It's not bad tasting at all. You don't have to like coconut water to drink this. It's sweet."