Splash Candy™ Move Chews can help promote joint health by providing you with Glucosamine and Vitamin E.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound in the body, mostly in the connective tissues of joints and in cartilage (1). Glucosamine plays a crucial role in providing these tissues with elasticity, strength, and flexibility (1). Studies have shown that supplementation with Glucosamine Sulfate may help delay the progression of osteoarthritis and collagen degradation (2). A meta-analysis of human studies found that supplementation aided those with osteoarthritis of the knee (3). Studies respectively involving bicycle racers and soccer players found glucosamine supplement had a possible protective effect against collagen degradation during vigorous exercise (4).

Vitamin E has powerful antioxidant and inflammation support properties that can play a role in maintaining your joint health (5). Cellular studies demonstrated Vitamin E mitigated oxidative stress of cartilage from free radicals (6). In animal studies, Vitamin E also maintained cartilage health and enhanced oxidative status in animals with osteoarthritis (7). Human trials have had mixed results with many finding that vitamin E provided protection against oxidative stress and inflammation of the joint (8).

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