Revel® The Cleanse is a blend of natural remedies to help support your gut health, digestive tract, and immune system. 

Psyllium husk has been used in traditional medicine for centuries in India and China (1). Psyllium powder is a natural soluble fiber which can help support your glycemic index, regulate cholesterol levels in normal ranges, aid constipation, and support cardiovascular health (1). Psyllium slows the degradation and absorption of nutrients allowing the intestines to retain more fluid which enhances stool water and aids defecation (2). It also has the added benefit of enhancing your gastrointestinal microbiota (2). A meta-analysis of 6 randomly controlled trials found that a 2 month supplementation by overweight individuals may improve body weight metabolism and waist circumference measurements (3).

Acai berry is a fruit that is native to the Amazon and has been used worldwide for its nutraceutical qualities. It has been linked to many benefits including having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cardioprotective properties (4). Acai berry extract has a range of polyphenolic components such as orientin, isoorientin, vanillic acid, and anthocyanins which could potentially enhance nitric oxide production, minimize reactive oxygenation, and regulate lipid metabolism in normal ranges (5). One study has also shown the acai supplementation was able to support gut health and may have the potential to combat intestinal inflammatory ailments (6).

Slippery Elm Bark has been used as a natural remedy in Native American medicine for gastro-interstinal issues (7). A 2001 pilot study showed that elm bark and other natural remedies may provide some relief of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) (8). 

This supplement also contains aloe, chlorella, black walnut hulls powder, ginger root, hyssop leaf, and papaya fruit powder. Aloe Ferox is a natural remedy that may provide relief for constipation by stimulating water absorption in the intestines (9). In an animal study, aloe ferox supplementation aided the transit process of the entire gastrointestinal tract (9). 

Chlorella is a green alga with high amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron, potassium and plant carotenoids which can potentially support cardiovascular health, enhance lipoprotein metabolism, regulate blood sugar levels within a normal range, and cleansing the body of toxins (10). Black walnut or Juglans nigra L. has potential antioxidant and anti-diarrhea properties (11). Hyssop leaf may support relief from gastrointestinal infections (12). Papaya extracts can aid with oxidative stress (13).

If your digestion isn’t feeling up to par, try Revel® The Cleanse to support your gastrointestinal system.