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All food is broken down into these three primary energy sources:

  • Protein: 4 calories per gram
  • Carbohydrates: 4 calories per gram
  • Dietary Fat: 9 calories per gram

The amount of each macronutrient you need depends on your gender, weight, fitness goals, and fitness level.

Follow any kind of nutrition plan or read an article on dieting, and you're bound to hear the word "macronutrients." Those who have some concept of nutrition usually understand what the word means, but some read or hear it and think, "What the heck is a macro and where do I get one?"

Even if you're familiar with macronutrients, figuring out your macros can be a pain, especially if you're just starting to learn about nutrition and how it can influence your workouts and physique. Measuring 30 grams of protein for every meal can often be so overwhelming that many people just give up and go back to filling their plates with whatever is on the table.

To alleviate some of this confusion, and to clear up misinformation, we're here to explain what macronutrients are, and help you learn how to measure them better. Click on the links below to learn about protein, carbs, and fat, and how to accurately fit each into your nutrition plan!

Measuring Your Macros: A Visual Guide!


Measuring Your Macros: What 30 Grams Of Protein Looks Like

Want to build muscle and lose fat? Then you need protein! Here's how much you need and how to measure it for each meal.

Measuring Your Macros: A Visual Guide!


Measuring Your Macros: What 50 Grams Of Carbs Looks Like

Carbs are your body's favorite energy source. Learn which carb sources are best and how you can easily measure them without using a scale!

Measuring Your Macros: A Visual Guide!


Measuring Your Macros: What 20 Grams Of Fat Looks Like

Contrary to popular belief, fat is not the enemy! Learn how to easily add a serving of healthy fats to your diet.


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