Being fit is a year round endeavor. Hitting the gym, keeping nutrition dialed, and taking adequate time to recover are all crucial to hitting goals. Make sure he’s stacked for success this holiday season to head into the new year filled with gains. 

Signature 100% Whey Protein 

Every good routine starts with a better protein. Signature 100% Whey Protein combines three different sources of whey protein in one powerful blend: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and hydrolyzed whey protein. Fuel muscle growth, repair muscle breakdown and hit protein goals with our longest standing protein to date. 

Signature 100% Whey Protein

MeToday Men’s Daily Multi

New year means new habits. Get started with the right ones and cover the daily bases with a men’s multi. MeToday’s men’s multivitamin contains 26 vitamins, minerals & herbs including vitamin B6 and B12 in an easy to swallow, vegetarian capsule to support general and immune health.

MeToday Mens Daily Multi

JYM BCAA’s Watermelon 40 servings 

This BCAA product is made to help you maintain a balanced amino acid profile and increase protein synthesis. In other words? It helps deliver what’s needed for muscles to recover, grow and hydrate. While branched chain amino acids can also be absorbed through a balanced daily diet, JYM’s BCAA 2:1:1 ratio ensures you’re getting your daily dose along with a refreshing flavor for intra workout fueling.  


Elite Ultimate Pre: Blue Slushie 

Need to get his engine going? Made with five trademarked ingredients and Informed Sport Certified, Elite Ultimate Pre primes you for your toughest workouts. With 300mg of added caffeine for increased energy and readiness and no artificial dyes or colors, Elite is designed for all day performance. 

Elite Ultimate Pre

BBCOM Men’s Performance Full Zip Compression Hoodie

Meet his new favorite pump cover. The full zip compression hoodie provides enough stretch and freedom for movement and performance. Interior brushing adds additional warmth for winter workouts or warm up routines. Never. Skip. The. Warmup!

BBCOM Mens Performance Full Zip Compression Hoodie

Optimum Gold Standard Whey 5lb Extreme Milk Chocolate

Classic and creamy never go out of style. Whether it’s for post workout recovery or a nighttime sweet treat, Optimum’s Gold Standard Whey packs 24g of protein with an unparalleled chocolate taste. You’ll thank us when he thanks you.

Optimum Gold Standard Whey

Living.Fit Dumbbells

The key is finding equipment that works as hard as you do. Living.Fit’s dumbbell sets are available from 5 lbs to 100 lbs. So yeah, there’s no excuse for NOT throwing around heavy sh*t in the basement. Build your home gym with the perfect basic bundler.

Living.Fit Dumbbells


Hormone and wellness testing from the comfort of your own home. LetsGetChecked will deliver highly accredited lab tests directly to your door, with online results in 2-5 days. No more physician offices or needing to take time off work. You control the entire testing process and can manage your test results from a secure online account.

Lets Get Checked

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