1. Grand Slam Logo Tee

Recommended by Karen McGinty, editorial manager

Half of our office staff is wearing this stylish logo tee this summer—and at under $6, you should, too! The ultrasoft 60/40 cotton/poly blend gives it the breathability to carry you through even the most intense workout sessions and the durability to last through wash after wash. Your hard-earned gains will pop in this cut designed for athletic bodies.

Grand Slam Logo Tee

2. From Dad Bod to Dat Bod

Recommended by Hobart Swan, senior content editor

This inspirational story, complete with diet and workout plan, is for all the dads out there who, once upon a time, were ripped 20-somethings. (It's for all those dudes' significant others, too.) When you've got the paunch goin' on and are just trying to find a foothold to stop the downward slide, this story gives you the basic tools you need to get dat bod back! As the Chinese philosopher Lau Tzu wrote, "The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step." Aim your first step toward the dumbbell rack, and we'll see you on the beach lookin' ripped.

From Dad Bod to Dat Bod

3. Acumobility Mobility Ball

Recommended by Stephanie Smith, senior content editor

While it would be nice to schedule a weekly massage, these mobility balls come in as a close second (and way more affordable) recovery option. If a week of training has left you feeling tight, lying on these can help your body's tissues release their trigger points. Whether you're using it on your IT band or targeting your rear delt, it's sure to help ease the strain.

Acumobility Mobility Ball

4. Pedestal 2.0 Footwear

Recommended by Nick Collias, deputy editor

What's the best lifting footwear? It might be a pair of socks. Straight-up barefoot training isn't for everyone, but last year, a company called Pedestal Footwear launched a fantastic strength-training sock with silicon grips on the bottom that had legions of Bodybuilding.com's authors (and me) raving. The new Pedestal 2.0 model is even better. Rather than simply being treated with anti-microbial silver, the 2.0 sock has it woven right into the fabric, where it won't be able to wash out over time. The new model is also lighter, more breathable, and has a more effective grip on the soles. Give them a try and you just might become a believer.

Pedestal 2.0 Footwear

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