Nothing beats the gorgeous presentation and flavor of mahi-mahi. Gently grill this clean, light fish fillet and either plate it with a radiant yogurt slaw, or sandwich it between toasted whole-wheat halves.

It doesn't have the same following as, say, salmon or tilapia, but make no mistake: this fish is a protein powerhouse! Mahi-mahi contains approximately 15-20 grams of protein for every 3 ounces, making it a great addition to your recipe cache.

Not every fish lends itself to a sandwich. Some are too flaky and fall apart unless they're fried, while others are greasy or fishy-tasting. Mahi-mahi's firm texture and delicate flavor strike the perfect balance, making for a simple lunch or dinner you'll return to again and again!

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You can follow this same recipe, only substituting salmon or swordfish for the mahi-mahi, for the same gorgeous, healthy, protein-rich results!

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