BCAA are composed of leucine, isoleucine and valine. Leucine helps regulate muscle protein synthesis. Isoleucine could help glucose uptake into cells. Valine could assist in stimulation of muscle regeneration [1]. These three essential amino acids are not made within the body and must be consumed. Bodybuilding.com Signature BCAA uses a 3:1:1 ratio giving you 3g of Leucine, 1g Isoleucine, and 1g Valine. They come in seven flavors: strawberry lemonade, blackberry lime, watermelon ice, arctic grape, sour gummy, rocket pop, blue and cotton candy.

Signature BCAA

BCAAs have been shown to have many beneficial effects.  Of the three BCAA, leucine has been demonstrated to help the most with increasing skeletal muscle mass through signaling acute protein synthesis [2]. BCAAs have been linked with helping to prevent mental fatigue during endurance events [3]. BCAAs have also been shown to help maintain muscle mass while on a caloric deficit [4]. In a 2018 study, BCAAs have been found to help decrease muscle soreness after exercise as well [5]. BCAA supplementation could help you take your training to the next level. 

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