The 100% Clear Whey Isolate has 20 grams of protein, 1 gram of carbohydrate, 0 grams of fat, and 0 grams of sugar per 26 gram scoop. This is the ideal protein for those who do not like the traditional ice cream flavors of chocolate and vanilla. This product comes in peach mango, watermelon ice, and strawberry lemonade. The post-workout consumption of whey has been extensively shown to increase muscle strength, size, performance while also helping decrease muscle soreness and body fat [1]. The rationale behind its effectiveness is the high amount of leucine, which has specifically shown to greatly impact protein synthesis and muscle growth [2]. One 26 gram scoop of whey protein has approximately 3 grams of leucine which has shown to trigger an anabolic response.

100% Clear Whey Isolate

Many athletes choose this whey protein because it is faster absorbing, quicker digesting, and it produces a more rapid response on protein synthesis. Whey protein is a complete protein with high levels of the essential and branched chain amino acids that can be readily used by the body [3]. Whey is absorbed within 60 minutes of digestion while casein, soy, and egg proteins took several hours [4]. Whey has the highest per gram/hour absorption rate with 9 grams as opposed to Casey  with 6 grams, soy with 4 grams, and cooked eggs with 3 grams [3]. This quick absorption can lead to higher amino acid availability and therefore greater ability for protein synthesis and overall muscle growth [5].

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