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  • Scivation is committed to providing our consumers with high-quality, research-supported products to enhance performance and quality of life.*

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Scivation™ is a performance nutrition and dietary supplement company committed to developing products of unparalleled quality using only fully efficacious amounts of active ingredients that are supported by science. All products developed by Scivation™ are manufactured under strict current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) conditions, undergo rigorous third-party analytical testing well beyond what is minimally required within the industry, and, beginning in 2012, select products will be third-party tested to ensure no presence of WADA banned substances.

Scivation™ actively supports university research in the field of exercise science and applied biochemistry through numerous laboratory grants and donations, and is an industry leader in providing applicable, expert information to consumers on the path to living their best life, full of health, fitness, confidence and vitality.

The Scivation™ Difference

At Scivation™, we are passionate about our job because our job is our passion. The men and women who run Scivation™ on a daily basis have committed their lives to the principles of health and fitness. While most supplement companies have a team of well-dressed marketing guys calling the shots and a roster of highly-paid athletes to be their public face, the Scivation™ staff is living the lifestyle you'd expect of a company devoted to building better bodies. We're the ones you see every morning in the gym, at the track or on the road. Members of our staff win bodybuilding contests, set powerlifting records and compete on some of the biggest stages in the industry.

We conceive, create and deliver the performance nutrition supplements you need because we are you. At Scivation™, every product is guaranteed to be 100% pure with absolutely no excuses and zero hypocrisy. Just the way you expect.



Director of R&D/Marketing

Derek Charlebois is the creator and director of Team Scivation, a free customized personal training and nutrition program that has helped 1000's of members. Derek has also published several training articles in leading magazine and won three NOC Natural Bodybuilding titles in 2011.

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Research Consultant

Dr. Layne Norton, PhD is a highly published protein researcher who cut his teeth in one of the most esteemed protein labs in the country. Combining brains with brawn, he is also an IFPA and NGA natural pro bodybuilder and holds an Elite raw total in powerlifting.

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VP of Administration

Rob serves as the primary point of contact for Scivation's sales partners, customer service and quality control. Rob is also a serious natural bodybuilder, who recently won the 2010 Lightweight Class and Overall title at the WNBF California Natural Nationals.

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(AP Nutrition, LLC) - Consultant

Dr. Chris Lockwood, PhD is the mastermind behind the recent improvements at Scivation, spearheading efforts to source new raw materials, formulate cutting-edge products and embed accountability into the brand through third-party product testing and use of WADA-approved facilities.

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