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10 New Year’s Resolution Jump-Starters

Don't wait until next year to start achieving your fitness goals. Get the drop on your New Year's resolution now with these 10 pro tips!

37 Pounds Down And Counting!

''I always wanted to get back on stage after having kids. It took me a long time, but I finally accomplished my goal in June 2014, competing in the Idaho Muscle Classic.''

Bill Has The Brains And Brawn!

''To be completely honest, I looked to Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine. He had the type of look I wanted for my body, and I became obsessed with it...''

Meet Our Teen Amateur Of The Week!

Going from fat to ''skinny fat'' before he began gaining muscle helped Andrew Gibbs realize the importance of nutrition. Now he's sharing his wisdom with others!

The 5 New Rules Of Holiday Fitness

Don't put your fitness goals on the back burner this holiday season. Enjoy the holidays and crush your goals by following the new rules of holiday fitness!

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