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The Strongest Teen You've Never Heard Of

Larry Williams had every reason to quit, but he brushed aside excuses and grew unbelievably strong. He has the tools you need to smash through adversity.

Aesthetics Versus Performance? Get Both!

The 8-week AMP program will help you perform like a pro and look even better. It's the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance!

How To Retain Muscle After Surgery

A lifter's worst fear is a bad injury. Here's how Jim Vaglica navigated the road back after shoulder surgery with steely determination and minimal muscle loss.

Post-Workout Chocolate Protein Cheesecake

Get your post-workout nutrition needs met with this delicious chocolate protein cheesecake recipe. It's bursting with taste, protein, and clean carbohydrates.

Rocking The Competition Stage At Age 46

After battling anorexia and endless cardio, Laura found happiness in lifting weights and competition. Read her story, get her plan!

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