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Jay Cutler’s 5 Steps To Fit Travel

Jay Cutler didn't win four Mr. Olympia titles by splurging on the road. Here's his plan to navigate the challenges of living a clean, hard-training life away from home.

26 Shocking Costumes That’ll Leave You Breathless

What wizardry is this? None, friends! These costumed heroes and muscular specters refined their physiques with hard work! No tricks, just training.

An Insider Look Into Ashley Kaltwasser’s Olympia Win

Take a peek into how the two-time Olympia Bikini winner prepped to take home the win at this year’s contest. Apply her lessons to your own training and nutrition!

How To Win The Spartan Race World Championships

The Spartan World Championships represents more than the fastest, or the strongest, or the competitor with the greatest endurance. It represents a uniquely human kind of fitness.

Fire Up Your Cardio With These 23 Tunes!

Improve your cardio workouts with great beats and fun lyrics. Here's the ultimate playlist for your next sweat session!

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