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Your Expert Guide To L-Carnitine

Part fat-burner and part performance supplement, L-carnitine has a long history and plenty of fans. Look at the science and decide if it's right for you!

Teen Amateur Gets Ripped In Romania!

Galambosi started building his body at age 15 and soaked up valuable knowledge that translated into ripped muscle. See how he bulked up his 6-foot-1 frame!

Gym Psychology: The 6 Types Of Motivation

Everyone is motivated a little differently. Learn what type of motivation best suits you and then use that knowledge to attack your awesome fitness goals!

How To Lose 30 Percent Body Fat

Pizza binges turned Dillon's body into a wasteland. See how this teen fought to reclaim his youth and lost 30 percent body fat with consistent training and dieting!

Workout Music: Jen Jewell's Barbell Beats Playlist

Sometimes all you need for a training session is great music. If your gym playlist isn't set up yet, borrow Jen Jewell's. It's perfect for every workout!

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