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Jennifer Dawn's 7 Laws Of The Fit Life

If you want to have a career in fitness, you have to train your mind and body to overcome the unexpected. I abide by my 7 Laws of the Fit Life, and so should you!

8 Ways To Stay A Hardbody Over The Holidays

If you'd rather not look like a schlubby, post-cookie-binge Santa this holiday season, you'll want to put the following holiday fitness tips into action.

Change Your Body In 21 Days

Every workout is more challenging than the one before. The cardio is as brutal as it is effective; the lifting is as grueling as it is transformative. Welcome to Clutch Cut.

7 Ways To Force Muscle Growth

Training for strength requires determination, but you also need a sound strategy. Break through lifting plateaus with these 7 variations on the principle of overload.

Ladies, Here’s Your Strength Training Plan!

It's time to put some solid muscle on your body and get stronger. Here's how Ashley Hoffmann trains to build muscle and strength for a fantastic physique!

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