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The QNT Difference

Fabien Debecq, the owner of QNT, is a former bodybuilding champion in Europe, that has a passion for the sport that has continued until today! Even from an early age, Fabien has been passionate about the research and development of safe and effective sports supplementation for the bodybuilding enthusiast and other athletes, a passion that still thrives today more than ever.

During the past two decades, Fabien has built a brand from nothing to one of the companies most recognized sports supplements on the market in several countries in Europe and Asia. Now continues its successful business by being the first European brand to successfully enter the U.S. market to offer a wide range of products developed merging the absolute best of European and American technologies.

The QNT Difference

Founded in Europe (Belgium) in 1988, the organization is on track to become one of the most recognized sports supplementation companies in the world.

For over 20 years, QNT's dedicated team has developed scientifically backed products that support superior size, strength, and higher performance in athletes and bodybuilders worldwide. QNT has cultivated relationships with top researchers and athletes from around the world in order to create effective products based on the best of European and American science.

We go beyond our competition using only the purest ingredients and highest quality. Our ingredients are selected by our cutting-edge laboratory at our new manufacturing facility which is one of the first few nutritional supplement manufacturers to receive the Natural Products Association (NPA) GMP Seal of Approval.



Former IFBB Pro Figure

Thank you, QNT, for developing products that fit my lifestyle. QNT's Hydravol is a part of my daily pre-workout routine. Not only does it mix well, it tastes refreshing without too much sweetness that will upset your stomach during your high intensity workouts.



International Best-Selling Fitness Author

What I like about these products, besides the fact that they work, is that they are unique formulas as opposed to carbon copies from other brands.

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Hydravol™ represents the latest in muscle hyper-hydration, with the "Hydravol Muscle Volume & Strength Amplifier," which promotes an optimal environment for activating anabolic signaling pathways in muscle and enhancing neuromuscular function.*



Testek is the ultimate testosterone booster that supports a healthy estrogen balance.* An anabolic growth optimizer, it’s an extreme triple-threat for building a superior muscular body.* Testek contains all-natural ingredients that work with the body's natural hormonal pathways to optimize the muscle building and fat burning effects of testosterone and growth factors.*

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