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P28 Brand Guide

The P28 Story


P28 was developed by three brothers in the bakery business and their personal trainer/nutritionist. The three of us were overweight and out of shape. We wanted to lose weight and get back into shape quickly.

The first thing we did was join a local gym and hire a personal trainer. Our personal trainer sat us down before we started our workout program and explained that nutrition was just as important as working out. We started working out regularly and made some changes in our diets. After months in the gym, we were not seeing the results we expected.

We soon realized that exercising alone wasn't enough. We began to understand our trainer's beliefs of how important proper nutrition was in our diets.

The P28 Story


Growing up in the baking business, one thing we didn't want to give up was bread. We wanted to develop a healthy line of bread products that not only helped us reach our fitness goals, but also was enjoyable to eat every day. We also wanted someone with fitness and nutrition experience involved with the development of our products.

Our personal trainer who is an experienced all natural body builder/nutritionist was our first choice. Once he heard about our idea while we were training, he was excited to become a partner in this product line. We began formulating products with proper nutrition in mind. P28 is the first Original High Protein Bread on the market. We now offer this quality product to you as part of your family's healthy lifestyle.

The P28 Story


We are extremely excited about the future. We recently launched our all new 100% Natural - P28 High Protein Bagels. We look forward to pairing the bagels with our P28 High Protein Bread.

Also, we plan to introduce our new line of P28 gear in Summer 2012. We will offer high quality t-shirts, hats, hoodies, skull caps, gym gear, and much, much more! We will offer both men's and women's sizes and designs.

We thank all of P28 Nation for your continued loyalty as we continue to grow. We promise to continue to work extremely hard to provide all of our customers with high quality products and exceptional customer service!



UFC Fighter

Very happy to be part of the P28 family and rep such a great company and products. I love the bread. It kept me fueled throughout my training for my fights. This is the best bread I have ever had!



Fitness Model


I have tried a lot of "healthy" high protein foods that honestly just don't taste that great. However, this is the exception with the P28 High Protein Bread! It actually tastes so delicious that I have made it a corner-stone in my fitness model food plan.

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Muscle & Fitness Magazine

This is a no brainer. P28 Bread is a clear winner. It's formulated with whey protein isolate and soy flour to not only deliver a whopping 14 grams per slice, but that's 14 grams of some of the highest quality protein you can get. I love your P28 High Protein Bread!

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IFBB Bikini Pro

P28 Spokesmodel

P28 is delicious and sure makes some yummy meals! I am honored to be named the Official P28 Spokesmodel. My family loves P28 and it makes the best PB&J sandwiches for my kid's lunch!

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