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Anabolic State

ANABOLIC STATE™ contains critical Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) like L-Valine, beneficial amino acids like L-Glutamine, and HICA - a high-tech Leucine metabolite shown in clinical studies to increase lean muscle gains by triple those of a control group. The blend is micronized for easy mixing and absorption.

  • 10,000mg
  • HICA (DI-Alpha-Hydroxyisocaproic Acid)*
  • BCAAs and Amino Acids*



SWOLLEN™ is packed with potent dosages of multiple skin-bursting ingredients including the AE2™ dual arginine matrix, l-citrulline malate, agmatine, and AstraGin™. SWOLLEN™ is designed to unleash massive pumps, extreme vascularity, enhanced nutrient uptake, and surging energy for a fierce workout!

• 2000mg AE2™ Pump Technology

• 1000mg L-Citrulline Malate

• 100mg AstraGin™ Pro-Insulin Mimetic



THERMAL XTC™ is a euphoric fat-burner containing the latest in natural thermogenic and mood-enhancing ingredients. It's designed to elevate core temperature, reduce fat-storage, increase lipolytic (fat-burning) processes, suppress appetite, and induce a clean euphoric energy.

  • Contains Red Raspberry Ketones
  • Contains Garcinia Cambogia
  • Contains Green Coffee Bean Extract



MASS FUSION™ is powered by an innovative formula including a 5-stage, sustained-release protein matrix, fast-absorbing waxy maize carbs, enhanced amino acids, and the healthy fats complex SUPERFATS.™

  • 47g 5-Stage
  • Sustained-Release Protein
  • 70g Waxy Maize Carbs
  • 6g Healthy Fats Complex



ISOBOLIC™ contains our premium triple isolate, sustained-release, BCAA-enriched protein technology, which supports your body to extend anabolism. This innovative protein matrix also contains SUPERFATS™ healthy fats complex and is ultra low in carbs and saturated fat for precision lean muscle growth.

  • 25g Triple Isolate, Sustained Release Protein Matrix
  • 3g Total Carbs
  • 1.5g Total Fats



This potent Growth Hormone booster contains core ingredients like the powerful GH-Releasing Hexamino Peptide that works to support protein utilization, reduce catabolism (protein breakdown), and ignite overnight fat burning. HEMOTROPIN 2XC™ also includes a specialized Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Maximizer containing rare actives like Gamma-aminobutyric Acid, Lemon Balm Extract, Holy Basil Leaf, and Wild Lettuce Leaf Extract. This innovative matrix is designed to assist in optimizing GH release and to help you to experience a more restful night’s sleep for 24 hour muscle enhancement!

• Contains GABA (Gamma Amino-Butyric Acid)

• 1002.5mg GH Peptide Hexamino & R.E.M. Sleep Matrix

• 50mg Astragin Pro-Insulin Mimetic

Jayson Wyner


Jayson Wyner is the President of Nutrabolics and an elite nutritionist and bodybuilder. After years of research he developed an advanced fitness and nutrition program to transform his body. Jayson saw his own personal success as an opportunity to help others to achieve amazing results and in 2002 he co-founded Nutrabolics® Inc.

Richy Chan


With a nearly flawless regional competition record and a chiseled physique to back it up, Richy Chan is one of Nutrabolics most esteemed athletes. Richy has been featured in a variety of domestic and international publications including Natural Muscle, Muscle insider, Status, Inside fitness, and others.

Mike Johnson


This fitness superstar has commited his life to bodybuilding for over 14 years. As a kid Mike was a huge fan of wrestling, and this fascination with creating monster physiques never died. After countless hours of training he accomplished his dream; winning the Super Heavyweight Class and Overall CBBF title at the Canadian Nationals and becoming an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

Caitlyn Bellamy


This fiery fitness diva got her start when her mother competed in a fitness show at age 49. Being inspired, Caitlyn trained for a whole year and entered her first competition - she has been hooked ever since! She loves challenging her body, being healthy, lifting heavy and bringing serious stage presence. As a full time personal trainer, she loves helping others reach their goals.

Sarah Harrison


Sarah Harrison is a personal trainer, competitor, and professional model/actress. Her ongoing and lifelong advocacy for health and fitness drives her to compete in sports as diverse as swimming and volleyball to basketball and rugby. After placing 1st in several bikini competitions, Sarah has had the honour of attaining top rankings in both the Miss Universe and Miss International beauty pageants.

HICA (DL-Alpha-Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid)

HICA is a powerful muscle building catalyst and a core ingredient in ANABOLIC STATE.™ This isolated metabolite of the BCAA L-Leucine is supercharged with anabolic potential. In a clinical study on professional athletes over a 1 month period, HICA induced lean mass in a group of athletes that were triple those of the control group.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This cutting edge ingredient is derived from the extract of the rare South American fruit Garcinia Cambogia. GC has been scientifically proven to reinforce positive responses from neurotransmitters (signaller chemicals) in the brain. Working in tandem with other THERMAL XTC™ ingredients like Evodiamine, GC works to elevate Seratonin levels which counter-acts the stress hormone Cortisol. This proactive effect helps reduce fat storage and other by-products of stress.

Triple Isolate Sustained-Release Protein Matrix

No protein is created equal. ISOBOLIC's™ Triple Isolate Protein Matrix is unmatched in combined Biological Value (BV) and sustained anabolism. This blend's Cross Flow Microfiltered Whey Isolate brings unmatched digestibility and density for rapid absorption. When combined with the slower digesting Egg Isolate and Micellar Caseins, this high-tech formula is set to keep your body ready to build muscle for hours.

Wild Lettuce Leaf Extract

The rare Wild Lettuce or Lactuca Virosa is a natural herbal from the far corners of the world. This potent active is unlike anything else of its kind, working within HEMOTROPIN 2XC™ as a powerful psychotropic that promotes enhanced R.E.M. Sleep and increased Growth Hormone release overnight. In combination with the effects of GABA, Lemon Balm Extract, and other herbals, this GH pulse promotes overnight fat-burning and muscle preservation.


AstraGin™ is the only clinically validated food-ingredient able to increase life supporting nutrients in your cells. Up to 60% increased amino acid absorption, up to 50% increased vitamin absorption, accelerated glucose uptake, and increased insulin sensitivity are just some of its benefits. When combined with the other actives in SWOLLEN™ such as Arginine and Agmatine, AstraGin™ allows you to enhance nutrient uptake and bio-availability, leaving your body primed to capitalize on intense training.

Mucuna Pruriens

HEMOTEST 2XC™ is packing a potent dosage of Mucuna Pruriens, a natural herbal that has been scientifically shown to support increased Testosterone levels and a super-charged sex drive via its Dopamine inducing properties. In combination with the industry's largest dosage of Fenugreek extract, Mucuna Pruriens helps to unleash the alpha male in any bodybuilder.

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