Muscle-Building Product Review: Mass Gainers That Work!

The following is an independent product review of Dymatize Mega Gainer and SportPharma Gainer Whey Protein. Learn more from this descriptive review about these great mass-gain supplements!

Review Of Dymatize Mega Gainer

I have been tasting numerous weight-gain powders recently since I have included them as part of my bulking diet. Some people have warned me that the quality of overall calories in gainer powders are not particularly high and that one should opt to avoid them for that reason.

I happen to disagree with this reasoning, although it should be pointed out that gainers are not as high quality in terms of caloric content as whey protein powders. This of course reflects in the costs of production and therefore makes the costs of whey protein higher than gainers, which are very inexpensive. This is one good reason why a lot of bodybuilding enthusiasts seeking to bulk up will seek out gainer powders in their diet.

dot Dymatize Mega Gainer dot

    I have tried so many different high calorie gainer blends in recent history, that I now have a lot of products to compare Dymatize Mega Gainer to. I will do so in this review and explain where Dymatize Mega Gainer stands out, and also point out flaws in comparison with the competition, and finish my report off with an overall review of the product taking into consideration all of the factors that I will describe.

Mega Gainer Dymatize Presents:
Mega Gainer

Dymatize's exclusive formula provides the perfect ratio of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids with Complex and Simple Carbohydrates. Each serving is enzymatically predigested in the lab for improved absorption and bioavailability.
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    Dymatize boasts of the following attributes on their product profile page:

    • 3,000 Calories
    • 21,400+ MG BCAA
    • 17,100+ MG Glutamine & Glutamic Acid
    • Instant Mixability
    • Awesome Taste
    • NCAA Compliant

    Continue reading the review for more information on the attributes above, as well as some other relevant details. Check out how Dymatize Mega Gainer compares to three other popular gainer blends in the chart below:

Mega Gainer
Mega Gainer
Serious Mass
Gain Fast
Total Fat 7g 7g 3g 4.5g
Saturated Fat 1g 3g 1g 1.5g
Carbohydrates 89g 82g 171g 252g
Fiber 0g 2g 4g 4g
Sugar 26g 27g 72g 20g
Protein 30g 55g 35g 50g
Sodium 135mg 135mg 142mg 410mg
Calories 540g 570g 842g 1250g

    As a consumer of supplements, I encourage you to be very wary of claimed amounts for each "serving". As you can see, Optimum Nutrition recommends a far greater serving size than the other brands do, and as much as I do respect Optimum (I honestly believe they have perfected the production of protein and related powdered products), I have to point out that they are encouraging far too much consumption, and their bottom line here is profit. They want you consuming large amounts of their product in order for them to reap higher profits.

    I feel that supplements should be only consumed to supplement your diet (as the name would suggest), and I do not recommend the serving sizes they claim, as I think a balanced diet of whole foods is also better for a person's psychological well being, if I were to make a general statement at least.

    This of course is a personal choice and you will have to decide exactly how much of a particular supplement you wish to consume in your diet, whether that be the recommended amount suggested by the company, or more, or less.

dot Cost: dot

    Cost is generally an important consideration to consumers, and is normally one which is considered to be one of the most important. With this in mind, I always like to comment on the cost of a particular supplement in terms which are easy to understand.

    I generally review gainer supplements by determining the cost per dollar in terms of overall calories, as well as other macronutrients. For $1 of Dymatize Mega Gainer you will get:

    This particular blend also contains vitamins A, D, C, E, as well as iron and calcium. Let's take a further look at the amount of calories and protein per dollar amount spent:

    • $1 for 393 calories and 21.8 grams of protein.
    • $5 for 1965 calories and 109 grams of protein.
    • $10 for 3930 calories and 218 grams of protein.

    You are getting a reasonable amount of calories and protein for as little as a dollar, but Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass offers better stats than this. Consult the chart above for a comparison between the four products I listed.

dot Ingredients: dot

    Since it is fair to assume that those who would be purchasing supplements are doing so in the spirit of health and fitness, it is also important to check out the ingredient listing in a particular product, above and beyond simply the breakdown of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

    Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Magatein (Whey Protein Concentrate, Nonfat Dry Milk Powder, Whey Protein Isolate, Ultra Micro Whey Protein), Fructose, Natural Cocoa, Soy Bean Oil, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Guar Gum, Potassium Chloride

Weight Gainers
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
It Is Important To Check The
Ingredients Of A Particular Product.

    Normally when a supplement cites something as vague as "artificial flavors", I get a little concerned, and some other ingredients listed are not items I have done research on as of yet, and I do encourage others to do so for any supplement they are consuming, as I plan on doing it for the ingredients I am unfamiliar with.

dot Taste: dot

    I greatly enjoyed the Dymatize Mega Gainer shakes. So far, this is the better of two high calorie gainer shakes in vanilla flavor which I have tried. The other one being Universal Nutrition Gain Fast 3100 which I compared above to Dymatize Mega Gainer and the two other products listed.

    Although I do prefer chocolate flavor, I give Dymatize credit for producing a great tasting vanilla gainer product. It will actually be a little hard for me to go back to the Gain Fast shakes now because the Mega Gainer shakes are so good, LOL!

dot Solubility/Texture: dot

    I mixed my Mega Gainer shakes in a blender with milk, juice, and a banana and it mixed perfectly well! I have no complaints at all in this area.

dot Overall Review: dot

    Dymatize Mega Gainer was an excellent gainer product and satisfied all of my requirements. It tasted better than the Universal Nutrition Gain Fast 3100 shakes, although I do prefer chocolate flavor over vanilla.

    I sampled some vanilla flavor products as well in the spirit of trying a variety of flavors to make these reviews as comprehensive as possible and covering as wide a range of different aspects of supplements as possible.

    The price for Dymatize Mega Gainer is very low as you can see above, and the ingredient list is pretty sound. My one complaint is that the caloric and nutrition content is not as good as Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass in my opinion, which remains my favorite gainer product to date on the basis of all of the considerations I look at for these reviews.

Serious Mass Optimum Presents:
Serious Mass

Serious Mass: the ultimate in weight gain formulas. Serious Mass supplies you with the tools you need to pack on the pounds and develop the physique you've always wanted.
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    My conclusion is that Dymatize Mega Gainer is still a very high quality product and given that you can get a 3.3 pound tub for the low price of $16.49, it's hard for me not to recommend it.

    I would definitely suggest looking at more info about this product if your goal is to bulk up and especially if you have a conservative supplement budget, since this product is relatively inexpensive.

    I would definitely rate Dymatize Mega Gainer with an A, and of the gainer products I have tried most recently, only Optimum's Serious Mass is one which I can say I find to be definitely superior.

    Overall Rating: A

Mega Gainer Dymatize Presents:
Mega Gainer

Dymatize's exclusive formula provides the perfect ratio of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids with Complex and Simple Carbohydrates. Each serving is enzymatically predigested in the lab for improved absorption and bioavailability.
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Review Of SportPharma Gainer Whey Protein Shake

Gainer products are a type of supplement which I have very recently begun to include much more frequently in my diet. Upon analyzing the costs and benefits of using gainers, I decided that they were in my best interest to consume them.

In general, gainer blends contain a high quantity of protein and carbohydrates, are relatively low in fat, high in sugar, overall calories, as well as numerous vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

dot SportPharma Gainer Whey Protein Shake dot

    I have tried a variety of gainer blends recently, and I have to say I like this one quite a lot and will go into further detail about this below.

Gainer Whey Protein
Gain Fast 3100
Serious Mass
Total Fat 7g 3g 4.5g
Saturated Fat 3g 1g 1.5g
Carbohydrates 82g 171g 252g
Fiber 2g 4g 4g
Sugar 27g 72g 20g
Protein 55g 35g 50g
Sodium 135mg 142mg 410mg
Calories 570g 842g 1250g

    One should note that the "serving size" is not the same for each brand name, and the point is to give a rough comparison so that you observe the ratios and get a general idea of the nutritional content of each gainer product individually and compared to one another.

    On the topic of serving size, it should be pointed out that additionally, one should not automatically use the serving size recommended by the company.

    For those who are naive to purchasing supplements, I would like to point out that companies routinely recommend large serving sizes in order for me to consume more of the supplement and ultimately buy more as well, in order for the business mechanism to work and reap high profits.

    In reality, you should note that consuming calories in excess is good for bodybuilding to a point, but even then, some degree of moderation and attention to overall caloric intake needs to be present.

    If you consume over and above what you need to maintain homeostasis for your basic physiological systems, as well as what is required for you to experience hypertrophy (muscle growth), then the excess calories will be stored as fat, or just wasted.

    I would recommend that all gainer blends be used in moderation, as the amounts recommended are far too high, almost ridiculous, for a normal weight trainer and their nutritional needs. This will be something that is dependent on your own personal needs and you should tweak your diet according to your progress.

dot Cost: dot

    Cost is something that should be a consideration for those consuming not only gainer supplements, but supplements in general, are an important consideration for anyone, for all manner of life decisions.

    Following a balanced budget and living by the basic tenets of sound spending principles is one which will prove beneficial in many areas in life. I generally review gainer supplements by determining the cost per dollar in terms of overall calories, as well as other macronutrients.

    For $1 of SportPharma Gainer Whey Protein Shake you will get:

    This particular gainer blend has a myriad of amino acids, as well as vitamin A, calcium, and iron. Let's take a further look at the amount of calories and protein per dollar amount spent:

    • $1 for 406 calories and 39 grams of protein.
    • $5 for 2030 calories and 195 grams of protein.
    • $10 for 4060 calories and 390 grams of protein.

    This is a fair amount of calories per dollar spent, and the protein content is fairly high, but it is not quite as good as some other gainer products I have tried, most notably Optimum Serious Mass. It is fairly good for a gainer though, and as you can see, quite inexpensive.

dot Ingredients: dot

    It is also a good idea to review the ingredient content of gainer products and other supplements and be aware of them before consuming them. Here is a list of ingredients for the SportPharma Gainer Whey Protein Shake above and beyond the requisite protein, carbohydrates, and fats found in all gainers:

    Ingredients: Pharma Whey Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate), Maltodextrin, Fructose, Cocoa (Dutch Processed), Natural And Artificial Flavorings.


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Choosing A Weight Gainer!
For any bodybuilder, protein is the key to a good diet. For a hardgainer, the best way to get that protein is in the form of a gainer. Learn all you need to know right here.
Jason Waltrip

    Looking at the ingredient list, at first glance it appears to be innocent enough, although I would always recommend additional research on any consumable item, and in particular for those seeking to include a healthy supplement in their diet.

dot Taste: dot

    I felt that the SportPharma Gainer Whey Protein Shakes tasted delicious! I made my shakes using milk and a banana in a blender. Sometimes I would add other ingredients, but only neutral tasting vitamins or other supplements like that, and so the taste of the shakes would prevail.

    I really enjoyed the shakes, as they were sweet, but not too sweet. I would definitely look forward to my shakes, and to me that is a definite sign of a good shake.

dot Solubility/Texture: dot

    The shake powder mixed perfectly in a blender with a banana and milk. I have no complaints whatsoever in this department and they went down very smooth.

dot Overall Review: dot

    SportPharma Gainer Whey Protein Shake was an excellent product in my opinion and satisfied all of my criteria for nutritional content, cost, and taste. While it is not my favorite gainer product that I have consumed recently, it is an excellent one, and definitely one which I would use in the future.

    Although it passes my qualifications for a good weight gainer, you should ask yourself if gainer products are ones which you would like to include in your diet at all.

    Your goals will determine how you answer this question, and at this stage in my training, they are definitely products which I would like to continue to use in the future and I look forward to trying new gainers in order to compare it with SportPharma gainer and the others which I have already tried.

    Overall Rating: A

Gainer Whey Protein Shake SportPharma Presents:
Gainer Whey Protein Shake

SportPharma weight gainer formula is power packed with calories and Protein for the promotion of weight gain. SportPharma Gainer proprietary blend of whey Protein is manufactured using an advanced low temperature microfiltration, ultrafiltration and diafiltration process.
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