Steven Stiefel is a freelance writer and editor who has worked for numerous magazines. He authored the fitness books Weights on the Ball Workbook and Fit in 15.


Steven Stiefel is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and editor. He has worked for numerous health-and-fitness magazines, including Muscle & Body, Muscle & Performance, Shape, Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and Maximum Fitness. He authored the fitness books Weights on the Ball Workbook (2004) and Fit in 15 (2005). Currently, he is collaborating on Making Rumours, a work on Fleetwod Mac's blockbuster album, with the album's producer, Ken Caillat.


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\'Honey, I Shrunk The Kardashians!\'
What\'s wrong with Kim Kardashian\'s latest gizmo? It\'s a cinch to explain.
Section: Training :: Oct 30, 2014 Original Fiction: Survival Of The Fittest
How long would you last if you could only eat and drink what you carried? Three escaped prisoners struggle to answer this question in a dystopian future where they have only one another to depend upon—and to fear.
Section: Training :: Jan 30, 2014

Magic Mushroom: What 'The Caterpillar Fungus' Can Do For You
Cordyceps is a strange-looking fungus with a bizarre back story and a hard-to-pronounce name, but don’t discount it without reading this!
Section: Supplements :: Mar 28, 2013

7 Better Bond Girls: The Women Of Fitness As 007 Girls
To celebrate Skyfall, we turned seven extremely sexy fitness models into James Bond girls. These are their stories.
Section: Training :: Nov 08, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: Phil Heath Wins Mr. Olympia
The Gift isn't done giving. Phil Heath beats Kai Greene, grabs the Sandow, and wins his second Olympia!
Section: Contests :: Sep 30, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: The Battle For Mr. Olympia
The battle for Mr. Olympia ends tonight. Who will stand victorious, Sandow in hand? Check this prejudging report for our predictions!
Section: Contests :: Sep 29, 2012

2012 Olympia Weekend: 212 Class Prejudging Report
The 212 Olympia Showdown promises to be a close fight. Everyone wants the 212 crown, but only one man can claim the throne. Get the prejudging scoop.
Section: Contests :: Sep 29, 2012

The Gift: Jay Cutler Gives Phil Heath His Blessing As Heath Becomes The 13th Mr. Olympia
Jay Cutler gives Phil Heath his blessing as Heath becomes the 13th Mr. Olympia.
Section: Contests :: Sep 18, 2011

The Odds For Jay Are 1 To 5
Jay Cutler plans to enter the fifth dimension with his next Olympia win.
Section: Contests :: Sep 17, 2011

Stepping Up Their Game - The Mr. O Competitors Are Ready For Combat
Their guns loaded with verbal ammunition, the would-be Olympians have fired their first round at this year’s press conference. Watch the bullets fly.
Section: Contests :: Sep 15, 2011

7 Classic Exercises Time Should Never Have Forgotten
Try these muscle blasters from the past for amazing gains in the future.
Section: Training :: Jul 21, 2011

Normal Weight, Fit ... And Diabetic? How Diabetes Now Targets Young Males
Type-2 diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases among younger males, but a new book may provide a solution.
Section: Nutrition :: Jul 19, 2011

Frank Zane May Have Had The Best-Looking Body Ever. Tracked Him Down To Learn His Secrets.
Bodybuilding legend Frank Zane teaches his disciples how to achieve physical perfection through one-on-one training at The Zane Experience. makes the pilgrimage to Zane's retreat to give you an inside look at his philosophies.
Section: Contests :: Apr 27, 2011

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