7 Better Bond Girls: The Women Of Fitness As 007 Girls

To celebrate Skyfall, we turned seven extremely sexy fitness models into James Bond girls. These are their stories.

Bond, James Bond. He is an icon, a legend, and a lady's man. He thrills and kills bad guys and beauties alike. He has a proclivity for destruction and a penchant for femme fatales. Best of all, when his body breaks down, he simply gets a new one. On November 9, 2012, Daniel Craig will play Bond for the third time in Skyfall, the 23rd Bond film in the series' 50-year history.

Bond has become known for his impeccably tailored suits and shaken martinis, but perhaps even more for his women—the "Bond girls." Called everything from sexy to sexist, these preternatural beauties have shocked and titillated audiences with their actions and even their names. Who can forget Pussy Galore, Molly Warmflash, or Plenty O'Toole?

Bond girls are as resourceful and intelligent as they are beautiful and seductive. Their weapons are physical and intellectual. They are smart and sensual. We dare to ask: What if Bond girls were also ridiculously fit? What if the women of Bodybuilding.com were the girls of James Bond?

To answer this life-changing question, we asked seven super-fit women—friends of Bodybuilding.com—who they'd be if they could create themselves as Bond girls. They developed backgrounds, unique abilities, and more. Then we asked them how Bond—James Bond—would respond. Here are their stories.

Amber Elizabeth Stars As "Ambrosia"

What is Ambrosia's history?

As an infant, Ambrosia was abandoned along the Congo River when her missionary parents were captured and deported from Africa. "I was found by a small group of Maasai warriors, and they took me to East Africa, where they raised and trained me as a secret deadly weapon."

What does Ambrosia want from James Bond?

As Ambrosia gets to know Bond, she's intrigued by their similar skills and personalities. She wants to learn more about his world.

What does James Bond want from Ambrosia?

Bond wants to learn the secret of the Maasai tribe's superior athletic abilities. "His objective is to explore every nook and cranny of my world, and I'm willing to show him everything."

What unique skills does Ambrosia possess?

Ambrosia's specialties include hand-to-hand combat and spear throwing. "I can throw a Maasai spear 100 meters with pinpoint accuracy."

What are Ambrosia's turn-ons?

A confident swagger. "The unwavering, self-assured ways of Bond excite me, testing my discipline."

What are Ambrosia's turn-offs?

Simple: "The word 'no.'"

What are Ambrosia's best physical features,
and how does she use them?

  • A look that kills. "I have an innocent appearance, but some of my targets have learned how deadly I can be."
  • Eye contact. "Engaging my gaze too long will cause irreparable damage to a man's heart."

What's Ambrosia's story arc?

Bond comes to the Maasai tribe to train with the warriors. To show his gratitude, the chief gives Ambrosia to Bond as a wife. "I fail to kill him several times, perhaps because I'm in love with him. Eventually, he takes me back to America where I am reunited with my parents."

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Dr. Sara Solomon Stars As "Double Dutch" (a.k.a. "Double D")

"This is a nickname given to me for my Dutch heritage, expert rope skills and, well, isn't it obvious?" Dr. Sara Solomon is a dentist and a covert spy. She lives a double life as a Double D DDS.

What is Double Dutch's story?

Double D was born and raised in Holland, where her father was a Russian spy. She earned her dental degree from the University of Amsterdam and practiced dentistry until MI6 agents assassinated her parents.

She believes she was spared to avenge her parents' death. She joined the Russian SVR and was trained to handle covert assassinations abroad. "Along the way, I developed a predilection for inflicting dental pain and suffering, something from which I derive tremendous sexual pleasure." Drill, baby, drill.

What does Double Dutch want from Bond?

"Unfortunately for Bond, my interests in him are less than friendly. My mission is to assassinate him. Nevertheless, I am attracted to him and fully intend to lure him to bed, tie him down, and betray him. My version of rope-a-dope."

What Does James Bond Want From Double Dutch?

"I have covert technology that causes extreme dental pain. After I implement this upon Bond, he seeks me out for a cavity filling." When the sultry dental surgeon has him bound in her chair, she provides this service and more.

What unique skills does Double D possess?

Double D is the embodiment of the femme fatale. She is known for her ability to seduce any man, using her skills to bind and torment her captives—for her own pleasure, of course—before assassinating them.

What are Double D's turn-ons?

  • Bondage
  • Dental surgery
  • The power of the dark side

What are Double D's turn-offs?

  • Submissive men
  • Being touched. "I hold my breath when people hug me."
  • People who are afraid to say what they want. "That's why they don't get what they want."

What are Double D's best physical features,
and how does she use them?

  • Hypnotic eyes. "Don't look into them unless you want to do everything I command."
  • Seductive lips
  • Strong abs

What is Double D's story arc?

After Bond escapes from her dental chair, Double D succumbs to the same fate as her father—she's killed by an MI6 agent.

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Dina Al-Sabah Stars As "Virginia Wantabang"

What is Virginia Wantabang's history?

When she was two, Virginia Wantabang's parents moved to Shanghai to work on a genetic engineering project, unaware they were working for one of the most powerful Chinese Triad families. When the project failed, the crime lord killed Virginia's parents, and she was adopted by the Triad boss's grandmother, who lavished her with everything she could ever want.

Virginia left China for college, dropping out of MIT to become a full-time computer hacker. "I set up shop in Hong Kong as an information broker, providing intel to underground clients willing to pay."

What does Virginia Wantabang want from Bond?

"I want James Bond to stay out of my way as I hack into systems and gather information for my clients."

What does James Bond want from Wantabang?

James Bond wants information on one of Virginia's clients. "I am unconvinced that the client in question is guilty of Bond's accusations." She demands Bond show her what he has before she'll acquiesce to his demands.

What unique skills does Virginia Wantabang possess?

She can hack into any system or network. She can also kill a man with a chopstick—her adopted family taught her well.

What Virginia Wantabang's turn-ons?

  • The thrill of hacking
  • Stilletos
  • Beluga caviar

What are Virginia Wantabang's turn-offs?

  • Insecurity
  • Security
  • Anything pedestrian

What are Virginia Wantabang's best physical features,
and how does she use them?

  • A great smile that puts everyone at ease.
  • A pair of bodacious DDs. "They draw attention when I need them to."

What's Virginia Wantabang's story arc?

"I set out to distract Bond from his mission, but I finally realize that my client has violated my moral code, and Bond is right." Virginia Wantabang and Bond seduce each other, realizing that their goals may not always be the same, but that they can have some fun along the way.

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Alicia Marie Stars As Special Agent 20 (a.k.a. "SAXX")

"I am the U.S. Department of Defense's 'Secret Weapon.'"

What is SAXX's history?

SAXX was born in Kathmandu, but she grew up in Egypt after her father was employed by the Egyptian Aviation Academy. "Dad brought work home all the time, and I have a photographic memory." By the time she was 19, her father (and everyone else in the department) worked for SAXX.

After an American education, the 33-year-old SAXX is considered the world's foremost specialist in aviation and aeronautical design. "My projects are often related to national defense, requiring the highest level of security clearance." SAXX's projects benefit the United States ... usually.

What does SAXX want from Bond?

Help in recovering a prototype computer that contains coded warhead blueprints created by a former spy of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The computer, Cipher, was stolen from SAXX before she was able to crack the code. "Once I have the computer and the code, I will be the sole owner of the most dangerous, important piece of knowledge in the world. James Bond doesn't know that I intend to use it for personal gain."

What does James Bond want from SAXX?

"Bond needs my help in locating the device." Once recovered, Bond plans to destroy the computer and the information it contains. Then he plans to put SAXX in jail for espionage—he's more aware of her motives than she realizes.

What unique skills does SAXX possess?

"You can call it a job hazard, but from spending time around radioactive materials, I have gained telekinetic powers." SAXX can move light objects using just her mind. "How do you think I came to have Cipher in the first place?"

What are SAXX's turn-ons?

  • "I am a sapiosexual—high intellect gets me every time."
  • "Someone who isn't afraid to challenge me."
  • "A man who can beat me at "Mortal Kombat: Deception" and quote Nietzsche is kryptonite."

What are SAXX's turn-offs?

  • Politicians
  • Anyone she can run circles around, literally or figuratively.

What are SAXX's best physical features,
and how does she use them?

  • Assets: "My legs and, well, my bum."
  • Very fitted latex clothing and corset tops. "These are my work clothes."

What is SAXX's story arc?

SAXX has never failed at anything she's attempted. After "employing" Bond to help her retrieve Cipher, she and Bond fall for each other. After they find Cipher, SAXX tries desperately to convince Bond that they can sell the prototype, make billions, and disappear together forever.

When Bond refuses to go along with her plan, she runs off to "decipher" Cipher on her own, thinking she can change Bond's mind once she's successful. Unfortunately, when trying to decode the device, she sets off its internal bomb—destroying Cipher and herself in the process. Her first, last, and only failure.

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Katie Chung Hua Stars As "Katiana Chung Hua"

What is Katiana's history?

Katiana is the privileged daughter of a Siberian oil tycoon. He always wanted a son, but after he killed his wife, he decided to train his daughter in martial arts so she could take over his company. "But, after I learned to kill, I had other ideas. I ran away from home, knowing my father had murdered my mother." She lived on the streets, fending for herself, taking out agents one by one to prove she was the best.

What does Katiana want from Bond?

James Bond is the next agent on Katiana's kill list. Taking him out will prove she's the best player in the espionage game.

What does James Bond want from Katiana?

James knows of Katiana's inheritance and her crooked father. Bond needs information about Katiana's father's network and his elite associates.

What unique skills does Katiana possess?

Big things come in little packages. Katiana packs some heavy Muay Thai skills, and she's able to infiltrate anything. With her small size and surprisingly hard punch, she is able to use the element of surprise to overwhelm her targets.

What are Katiana's turn-ons?

  • A man who takes control. "With me, that's hard to do."

What are Katiana's turn-offs?

  • Bad teeth. "Ugh. Have you seen Russian teeth?"

What are Katiana's best physical features,
and how does she use them?

  • Bedroom eyes
  • Dangerous curves. "I bring men into quiet spaces and have my way with them."

What's Katiana's story arc?

Katiana agrees to help Bond by giving him some much-needed information about her father's associates, if he will help improve her skills. Developing respect for Bond, Katiana moves on to her next secret agent, leaving Bond alone.

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Stephanie Toomey Stars As "Ryder Dickinson"

Toomey based Dickinson off her own life. "Most of this is my real bio, except for the references to Bond," Stephanie says.

What is Ryder Dickinson's history?

"When I was young, my mother died of brain cancer, and then my drug-addicted father abandoned me. I was thrown onto the streets to fend for myself." Ryder Dickinson enlisted in the USMC when she was 18, where she was selected as the only female to ever go through Recon/Sniper School.

After several covert operations and deployments to the Middle East, Africa and Colombia, among other destinations, she was hired by a private security conglomerate. "My mission is to spy on Bond and eventually capture him."

What does Ryder Dickinson want from Bond?

After her recon and interactions with Bond, Ryder Dickinson starts to question her mission as she falls for him. "I have a personal desire to come clean with Bond."

What does James Bond want from Ryder?

"Bond has no idea of my intent. He is falling for me, and I'm pulling him closer with my web of lies and feminine wiles."

What unique skills does Ryder Dickinson possess?

"I have extensive training in several martial arts disciplines, and I am a master of many weapons systems." Ryder Dickinson always has a gun hidden on her person, even when she's scantily clad. "I'm a master of disguise, and I can blend into any environment. I use my full figure to lure my enemies into compromising positions." And then Ryder offs them.

What are Ryder Dickinson's turn-ons?
  • Men in dark suits
  • Good dental hygiene

What are Ryder Dickinson's turn-offs?

  • Overly cocky men. "It's my duty to prove to these men how wrong they are."

What are Ryder Dickinson's best physical features,
and how does she use them?

  • Full lips. "They're 100 percent real."
  • Straight shooter. "I can talk people right into my arms."

What's Ryder Dickinson's story arc?

"Through our frequent encounters, I begin to fall for Bond—as he does for me." Ryder Dickinson constantly battles her loyalty and commitment to her mission. When she is finally commanded to capture Bond and bring him in, she tells 007 she loves him and everything she's told him is a lie. "When he rejects me, I jump from the high-rise hotel where we're staying." But does Ryder Dickinson live or die?

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Ashley Conrad Stars As "The Solution" (a.k.a. "Pretty Boy Swag")

What is the Solution's history?

The Solution enrolled in ninja school when she was 4 years old, moving on to weapons training at 10. At 17, high-fashion education was added to the mix. "Whatever the subject, I was a model student." Now she's a deadly ninja with a mad fashion sense. #Boom

What does the Solution want from James Bond?

The Solution is a radical dietitian, seeking Bond's insider connections to take down the American food industry. "I want Bond's info so I can stop manufacturers from poisoning the American people." #power2thepeople #fightobesity

What does James Bond want from The Solution?

Who can't use a high-fashion deadly ninja? "Bond knows what to do with me." #POW

What unique skills does The Solution possess?

  • Mindreading
  • Fire-flame spitting. "Like Lil' Wayne uses it—not to be confused with circus folk."
  • Ninja stars
  • High-flying acrobatics
  • Plyometric pushups. #holla@me

What are the Solution's turn-ons?

  • G6 jets
  • Patron
  • A perfectly browned protein pancake
  • Bronzed beauty. "A really good mystic tan never hurt anyone."

What are the Solution's turn-offs?

  • Airport security
  • Bad breath
  • The letter "I"
  • Front-pleated pants
  • Pearl earrings. "Unless they're worn by a pirate."

What are the Solution's best physical features,
and how does she use them?

  • Eye-swag. "Much like a vampire's ability to 'glamour,' my eye-swag renders targets powerless."

What's the Solution's story arc?

Bond and The Solution not only take over the U.S. Board of Nutrition, but the entire U. S. government. "Billy Clinton runs our foreign affairs, and Oprah heads up all media." World peace results.

Companies that manufacture shady products are closed down, solving childhood diabetes and obesity. The Solution and Bond are named Couple of the Year, while the Solution continues her nutrition ninja activities. "And we hire Muhammad Ali, who solves the problem of bullying in schools." #problemsolved

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