The Effects Of Steroid Use By Adolescents.

Steroids are not for teens, and that's final! Here you can learn about safe alternatives without fearing the psychological dangers of steroids.
Last month I wrote an article titled "Steroids The Difference Between Use and Abuse". The emails came poring in, and there was something that really caught my attention as well as my concern. The concern that I am talking about was the overwhelming amount of emails that I received from kids, yes kids asking questions about steroid use and recommended cycles. I would estimate that about 65% of the emails I received were from individuals in the 12-16yr old range. This was, and obviously still is very alarming to me! As a result of this, I am dedicating an article solely to the dangers of adolescent steroid use. This article, is not intended to be used as a scare tactic, because I know that for one, that doesn't work, and secondly it only widens the gap between you and I. Instead this is a "For your information only" article.

I shall begin with the psychological dangers. The fact of the matter is that puberty effects more than just physical maturing, but also many personality characteristics that last your entire lives. Puberty is the period in which many influences, as well as practices will contain the most "sticking power". The problem is that steroids can lead to serious health problems, and that the sooner you start taking them the earlier the problems may occur. This is also the time where many insecurities and dependencies develop, and it can be very difficult to change these. Adolescence is not a good time to make any decision that can affect the rest of your life, like the decision to use drugs. The chemical make-up of a teen-age boy is extremely complex, and the complications steroids cause can be very detrimental.

In my opinion, the most detrimental thing that could happen is the stunting of growth plates. During adolescence the growth plates are not set, and foreign testosterone will very easily halt the entire process. What does this mean? This means that if you are 5'6" right now, then you will always be 5'6". Neither the NBA, nor the NFL will be knocking on your door anytime soon. The other complications involve extreme bone pain, as not all of your growth plates may set. Some may set, and others may not, it's a big gamble not worth taking. This is not to mention the liver toxicity, vascular damage, kidney damage, and joint problems.

There is no valid reason for adolescents to use steroids. For one, as I told one of you, you have more testosterone running through your veins than I do. Secondly, have patience, most of the mail I received was from kids who had only been working out for a very short while. Then there was the mail that especially upset me. This guy wanted to use steroids because there was some bully at school who kept abusing him. This one really bothered me, I know how cruel kids can be. My advice for anyone else in the same situation is to take the money you would scam out of your parents to spend on steroids, and take karate or some similar self-defense art. You should focus on doing something that's really going to endanger the health of the bully, and not your own.

Now lets look at some alternatives. There are tons of wonderful supplements, and workout routines available to provide you with an alternative means to your goal. You all have many more products available to you then I did when I was your age. I would recommend starting basic. First of all we all need multi-vitamins, protein powders, and other necessary supplements. Secondly, get a good routine going. I would also recommend getting a routine from someone other than your high school athletic coach. You can either email me, or visit a quality personal trainer in your area. I will be glad to assist you with this in any way that I can, and it is absolutely free!

To close this whole thing out, once again have patience, work hard, and stay strong. If you really want cycle advice from myself I must have a note from your mom! Thanks for reading and I hope you all make wise decisions.