As the Editor-in-Chief of, Jeff O'Connell oversees daily content for the most heavily trafficked fitness site in the world.


As the Editor-in-Chief of, Jeff O'Connell oversees daily content for the most heavily trafficked fitness site in the world. Previously, O'Connell served as the Editor-in-Chief of Muscle & Fitness magazine.

O'Connell is best known for his own health-and-fitness journalism. He spent three years as Executive Writer at Men's Health magazine, where he handled numerous celebrity profiles and cover stories. His feature writing has earned honorable mention in both The Best American Sports Writing and The Best American Science & Nature Writing anthologies.

O'Connell has co-written six books, including Formula 50, with 50 Cent; and the New York Times Bestsellers LL Cool J's Platinum Workout and Spartan Up! His first solo work, Sugar Nation, was released in July 2011 to critical acclaim and excerpted at length in the magazines of Times of London, The Weekend Australian and USA Today.

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Remembering A Fitness Icon: Greg Plitt (1977-2015)
The fitness industry is stunned by the sudden death of one of its most charismatic and driven ambassadors. pays tribute to a true original: Greg Plitt.
Section: Mind :: Jan 19, 2015

Bright Lights, Hard Bodies: 5 Super-Fit Las Vegas Performers
In Las Vegas, a great performance isn't enough. You have to look good, too. Five entertainers tell you how they make muscle appear and body fat vanish.
Section: Mind :: Nov 26, 2014

Get Sealfit: Q&A With Mark Divine
You don't have to be a Navy SEAL to benefit from a SEAL's training and mindset. Learn how you can apply their hard-earned lessons to your own fitness training.
Section: Training :: Aug 04, 2014

Are You Ready To Overcome Your Greatest Obstacles?
Strength and grit can help you achieve great things in the gym and in life. The legends among us have learned to combine the two. Here's how you can too.
Section: Mind :: May 21, 2014

8 Ways To Get Spartan Strong!
Everyone wants to be fitter, happier, healthier, and more successful. Making it happen requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. Let the co-founder of Spartan Race show you how!
Section: Mind :: Apr 14, 2014

Facebook And Fitness: Maria Kang Interview
Some hail Maria Kang as an inspiration to millions around the world. Others call her an arrogant fat-shamer. We go one-on-one with the controversial Facebook fit mom.
Section: Mind :: Apr 07, 2014

Fitness 911: 6 Super-Fit Men And Women Who Serve And Protect
For these six men and women, fitness is a calling, a lifestyle, a sport, and a survival strategy. Learn from people who risk their lives to protect ours.
Section: Training :: Jan 31, 2014

This Year's Most Common Trick-Or-Treating Character: The Obese Child
Twenty-three percent of America's have type 2 diabetes or are on the verge of it. Trick-or-treating needs to be sent packing.
Section: Nutrition :: Oct 30, 2013

Joe Weider (1919–2013): Remembering The Father Of Bodybuilding
The “Master Blaster” taught the world how to train and eat for maximum health and fitness. A personal remembrance of this one-of-a-kind fitness icon.
Section: Contests :: Mar 24, 2013

Fitness 360: Training Program—Katie Chung Hua, Built For The Beach
Katie Chung Hua sculpts her physique according to old-school bodybuilding. Follow her training regimen and prepare to bask in your own glorious body.
Section: Training :: Jan 24, 2013

Fitness 360: Supplement Stack - Brittany Tacy, True Brit
A Ferrari body needs some extra fuel. Learn how Brittany uses supplementation to succeed.
Section: Supplements :: Jan 22, 2013

50 Cent ''Formula 50'' Transformation Challenge Presented By
If there's one person who knows how to make the most of an opportunity, it's 50 Cent. Now, it's your turn to step up. You've been swallowing your pride and feeling ashamed for too long. But shame has no place in where we're about to go. The 50 Cent ''Formula 50'' six-week challenge is all about sweat, determination, and consistency.
Section: Contests :: Jan 17, 2013

Fitness 360: Supplement Program—Katie Chung Hua, Built For The Beach
Katie is a busy woman who often works long hours. Her supplement stack is simple, but it powers her through a hectic schedule of life and lifting.
Section: Supplements :: Jan 17, 2013

Fitness 360: Nutrition Program - Katie Chung Hua, Built For The Beach
The world is filled with delicious and beautiful foods, and many of them contribute to Katie's fitness goals. Follow her nutrition program!
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 14, 2013

Formula 50: 50 Cent’s Workout And Nutrition Plan Will Transform Your Life
This excerpt from 50 Cent’s fitness book will place you on the fast track to a new body. Check out the first week of advanced workouts!
Section: Training :: Jan 08, 2013

Formula 50: 50 Cent’s 'Eat Clean To Get Lean' Plan
50 Cent makes healthy nutrition convenient, easy, and tastier than ever. Follow his Formula 50 nutrition plan below!
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 08, 2013

An Open Letter To Beyoncé: Be Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem
An intelligent, forward-thinking artist has no business aligning herself with an industry that is dragging millions into obesity and ill-health.
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 07, 2013

Fitness 360: Katie Chung Hua, Built For The Beach
Whether she's working or competing, Katie Chung Hua is bikini ready. Follow her complete program and learn how to mix a fitness cocktail anyone can down.
Section: Training :: Jan 03, 2013

Formula 50: 9 Fitness Truths 50 Cent Wants You To Know
These fitness rules from 50 Cent are worth their weight in gold—if you apply them to your workouts.
Section: Training :: Jan 02, 2013

NASCAR's Mark Martin Interview: One Of The World's Fastest Drivers Takes A Shortcut To Size
At 53, Mark Martin refuses to slow down on the track or in the gym. Learn how fitness allows him to continue living life in the fastest lane.
Section: Mind :: Dec 27, 2012

Sugar Addiction: A Nation In Need Of Rehab
America's biggest public health crisis results from our addiction to the sweet stuff. Will we take action before it's too late?
Section: Nutrition :: Oct 30, 2012

Fitness 360: Nutrition Program - Brittany Tacy, True Brit
A math whiz in high school, Brittany is good with figures—including her own. Learn how she breaks down her diet.
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 31, 2012

Fitness 360: Workouts & Training - Brittany Tacy, True Brit
Brittany is a throwback in the gym. She lifts heavy and keeps her routine basic. Her results speak for themselves.
Section: Training :: Aug 30, 2012

Fitness 360: Brittany Tacy, True Brit
The 24-year-old bikini star works hard in the gym to make it look easy on the beach. Learn her secrets, get her full fitness plan.
Section: Training :: Aug 29, 2012

Wake-Up Call: Can Poor Sleep Kill You?
'I'll sleep when I'm dead,' goes the expression. Unfortunately, that may be sooner rather than later if you keep skipping out on shut-eye.
Section: Mind :: Jun 25, 2012

Hrithik Roshan Workout: Kris Gethin Transforms Bollywood Star
A lush, celebrity lifestyle left Hrithik Roshan with a blown-out back, a bulging gut, a tobacco habit and serious desire to change. Enter Kris Gethin, the hero’s hero.
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 16, 2012

Against The Grain: How Wheat Wrecks Your Health And Physique
Learn why a noted cardiologist believes wheat is what we really need to whack from our diet in order to shape up.
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 06, 2011 CEO Ryan DeLuca On BodySpace At The Million-Member Mark
The man who founded this company in 1999 at age 21 looks back at's remarkable growth story, and ahead to a (much) bigger and brighter future.
Section: Mind :: Aug 04, 2011

The Hidden Truth Behind America’s Deadliest Habit And The Simple Way To Beat It
Every 5 seconds, another American develops type-2 diabetes. The author of SUGAR NATION--and our editor-in-chief--offers advice to keep you from becoming one of them.
Section: Nutrition :: Jul 15, 2011

Saved By The Book: Mario Lopez's Extra Lean Family Seeks To Shrink The Waistlines Of America's Families
Mario Lopez has a new book—and a health message for America's families.
Section: Nutrition :: May 02, 2011

Washington's Washboard.
Which U.S. president would have made the best bodybuilder? ranks the presidents on their physique potential and fitness.
Section: Training :: Feb 21, 2011

The Hottest Body Part On Any Guy Is...
They say the way to man's heart is through his stomach. Apparently, guys, the way to a woman's heart is through your ... delts? Who knew? While we run off to do some side laterals, read the surprising answers from Team!
Section: Training :: Feb 14, 2011

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