Fitness 360: Chassidy Smothers, Supplementation Plan

If your nutrition and training programs are on lock, then supplements can give you an extra boost. Here's how Chassidy Smothers pairs supplements with great nutrition to get the most out of her tough training.

When she decided to take her training to the next level and compete, Chassidy Smothers began a basic supplement regimen. Her results just got better and better. She takes vitamins daily to assist her basic health, and she buffers her workouts with pre-, intra-, and post-workout staples. Check out her stack!

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Simple Works Best

Some bodybuilders and athletes take a lot of supplements. Their plans are complicated lists that run on and on. Those long lists can look intimidating to new lifters. Chassidy doesn't put a huge focus on supplementation, but she believes in the basics.

"Your workouts and nutrition are the biggest parts of your transforming yourself," Chassidy says. "Supplements are just the added bonus to get that little extra in there that puts you over the hill."

Most of her supplements are basic vitamins and minerals. She takes vitamins C and E, fish oil, a multivitamin, and some fat-loss products from Cellucor daily. She also uses SuperHD during her contest prep to help shed extra fat.

"Supplements are just the added bonus to get that little extra in there that puts you over the hill."

Around her workouts, she likes to take C4 beforehand, BCAAs during the workout, and then some glutamine afterward. On her workout days, she drinks a protein shake in the morning and one at night.

Chassidy chooses her supplements based upon research. "Social media is a great tool to see what other people use," she says. "I look at which products people use and see if it's something that might benefit me as well. sends sample packets in all their orders, so that is a great way for me to try new things, too."


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