A Few Words About The JYM Brand

A statement about our JYM supplement line from the CEO of Bodybuilding.com.

Given recent discussion on social media, we want to remove any confusion from our customers about the origins or authenticity of Bodybuilding.com’s JYM product line. As CEO of Bodybuilding.com, I want to reassure you that:

  • Bodybuilding.com created and owns the JYM trademark.
  • Bodybuilding.com created and owns the JYM labels.
  • Bodybuilding.com manufactures the JYM products available on Bodybuilding.com.
  • Bodybuilding.com formulates, tests and certifies JYM products available on Bodybuilding.com.

Recently, Bodybuilding.com learned that supplements with the JYM name on them were manufactured without our permission or involvement and are now being sold by an unauthorized retailer who never consulted with us.

The JYM products available on Bodybuilding.com are genuine, safe, FDA compliant, and have the same high quality standards since we launched the brand three years ago. JYM products being sold by other retailers were not authorized by Bodybuilding.com and are being sold without our permission.

Bodybuilding.com’s policy is to not comment on pending litigation, but we will vigorously enforce our trademarks and intellectual property rights. That said, I can emphasize this: Bodybuilding.com has sued the former celebrity endorser and the retailer, and is evaluating legal options with respect to the retailer’s individual franchisees and any other retailer who tries to sell JYM products without our express written permission.

Lastly, remember who we are: over 30 million people a month visit Bodybuilding.com. We have served fitness enthusiasts for 17 years, and we became the largest online supplement retailer in the world because our customers recognize that Bodybuilding.com’s service, product offering, free content, fast shipping, and great prices are the best in the industry. That hasn’t changed. We stand behind our products, and we stand by our JYM products sold exclusively on Bodybuilding.com. And so can you.

Thank you for your continued support.

RJ & The Bodybuilding.com Team