The Ultimate 6 Day Split Routine - Days 4-6!

This article is going to outline the specific training routine I follow. I will go over the exercises performed each day, sets, reps, and additional intensity tips for each body group. In this part two I will be covering shoulders, quads and arms.

Note: This is part two, click here for part one!

In my previous articles and Q&A's, I have touched lightly upon my 6 day split training routine. In addition to my "Getting Ready For A Photo Shoot" article, this will outline in more detail the specific training and structure of my week. I have received many e-mails wanting to know the exact routine followed. I will go over the exercises performed each day, sets, reps, and additional intensity tips for each body group. Instead of referring the days by Mon., Tues., etc. I am going to refer to them as day 1, day 2, and so on. This will allow you to fit this into your week the way you want to.

Day 4 - Shoulders

Click here for a printable log of Day 4!

Intensity Boosters:

  • Drop Sets: I will use drop sets on side laterals and rear laterals from time to time to kick it up.

  • Super Sets: Try super setting side laterals with presses, or rear laterals with upright rows.

  • Pre Exhaust: Do all you're isolated delt movements first, then finish with presses.

  • Partials: When you are done performing your laterals, lift the weight partially as far as you can form the sides of your thighs. It is a very short range of motion, but will really give a good burn.

Day 5 - Quads

Click here for a printable log of Day 5!

Intensity Boosters:

  • Full Range Of Motion: On all leg exercises back down the weight you usually use, and make sure you get the complete range of motion from the bottom to the top. Many people do not go to the bottom on leg presses, squats, and hack squats. Suck it up, lower your weight and go all the way down.

  • Pre exhaust: Start off with extensions to really fatigue the quads.

  • Super set: Super set extension with squats or leg presses.

  • Drop sets: I will only use drop sets on extensions.

Day 6 - Arms

Click here for a printable log of Day 6!

Intensity Boosters:

  • Super Sets: I occasionally with super set tricep pushdowns with bench dips. Another good super set is skull crushers immediately moving into close grip bench presses.

  • Drop Sets: On reverse curls, usually on the last set, I will drop the weight and hit failure 2-3 times.

Day 7 - Off

Take at least 1 day per week to fully let your body rest from resistance training. On day 7 I usually boost my calories, increase my carbohydrate intake, and relax as much as I can. To some this will be your "cheat" day. When trying to get leaner, I will still wake up and perform some cardio, but not too hard, maybe 30 minutes or so to get my metabolism going.

Everyday - Cardio

I am at a point in my training where I want to look the best I can most of the time. That being said, I perform cardio 6-7 days per week, first thing in the morning. Each session will last for 45 minutes. I use the treadmill, precor, stepper, or a combination of all of them to fill up the time.

Well, there you have it, parts 1 and part 2 of my 6 day training split. There are really no big secrets here. Biggest things to remember are to be intense, and consistent. Each workout will usually take around 40-45 minutes and never going over 60 minutes. I would keep a log of your nutritional intake as well. Instead of me altering my cardio or training, the first place I will look at if I am not making the progress I want is the diet. If I am losing weight too quick, I will add more calories.

If I want to drop more body fat, I will decrease the calories slightly. The workouts I outlined are only samples of what I may do. I listed the basic movements I will use, but the order will be changed every so often for variety. Until next time, thanks for the e-mails, train hard, train smart! God Bless!

Note: This is part two, click here for part one!