Trelas Dyson's Complete Workout Program

In a little over a year Trelas lost 100 pounds and got in the best shape of his life. Now he's sharing his body transformation program with you.

Trelas Dyson's Complete Workout Program

I love to train. If you don't love it, why do it? That's just me. I love the way it feels to go into the gym and throw up some weight. Seeing the results of your hard work paying off is like no other feeling. For me it's about constantly trying to outdo myself each time I train. But with that being said, you have to be smart.

If your body tells you to chill out or back off — you should listen! Make sure you allow yourself ample rest between workouts and don't over train.

Seeing the results of your hard work paying off is like no other feeling.

Trelas Dyson's Training Regimen

Please remember I was overseas for the duration of this contest.

I try to do things to keep my body guessing, so I usually switch things up every two weeks. When I say switch it up, I mean alternating the order of exercises or switching up which body part I am working on a particular day. I tend to rest anywhere from 45 seconds to 60 seconds in between sets.

Please note that my workout was created for me by my online trainer, Steve Poynter ( or Stevep78 on BodySpace).

Day 1: Chest/Abs/Cardio

Day 2: Quads/Hamstrings/Calves

Day 3: Cardio/Abs

See Below.

Day 4: Shoulders/Cardio

Day 5: Arms

Day 6: Back/Abs

Day 7: Rest

Abdominals: Circuit training that consists of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ab work.

Cardio: Cardio consisted of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) style with intervals of varied speeds, easy resistance to low speeds with very hard resistance levels on the cardio equipment. I used the elliptical or Stairmaster.