Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Or Ripped Fuel?

I looked into what others thought, and came out with 3 different answers (most popular ones). Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, and Ripped Fuel are the ones I chose because they were more widely used.

After bulking for a few months, we start to lose our flat abs, our cut arms, and we regain those damn love handles (I did anyways). When I got off my bulking phase, I headed toward my cutting phase. This would mean getting up earlier, and cleaning up my diet. I wanted to make sure that I could lose the flab fast, and started looking into fat loss supplements.

I looked into what others thought, and came out with 3 different answers (most popular ones). Xenadrine NRG, Hydroxycut, and Ripped Fuel are the ones I chose because they were more widely used. I started doing searches on the discussion board to start narrowing down to the best supplement.

First I looked into Ripped Fuel, which is made by Twin Lab. Many people had good results with it, but most of the people that were asked only recommended it as an energy booster. The people used it had very different results. Some had great results and others had little to none. Something also came up that was kind of funny. Twin Lab makes two different fat loss supplements. Ripped Fuel and Diet Fuel. Why in the world would you have two products that do the same thing? Obviously one has to be better than the other, because there would be no reason to keep producing them both if one was better than the other. So I decided to drop the ripped fuel, and go on to the other two supplements, Xenadrine and Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut is made by MuscleTech. Which is well known for making crappy products that are said to be the best. But I looked into it anyway. I went into the discussion boards again, and looked for Hydroxycut results. The results came out to be great, from what others were saying this product was like a wonder supplement. The results were either great or moderate. I have seen no posts that Hydroxycut being another load of crap. One thing made me look at Hydroxycut in a different way. There are some side effects to this supplement. Sweating, rapid heart beat were ones that stood out. Since I go to school, I don't want to be sitting in a cool classroom sweating, and sitting there with my hand shaking. From the results of others, I decided that it would be worth giving it a shot, but I still wanted to read up on Xenadrine.

Xenadrine NRG is recommended just as much as Hydroxycut was. I never really liked this product because of what others experienced with it. They either had good results or very poor ones. I only think this product is highly recommended because of what it did to some people. But hey, I might be wrong. So I decided to drop this supplement too, and go ahead and use Hydroxycut.

It is best to buy Hydroxycut in bulk. It really depends on your current body fat percentage. I do not recommend you buy the 80-tab bottle of Hydroxycut, because on your first week you take 6 pills a day (all together), everyday! As the weeks progress you would take more and more (up to 12). If your body fat percentage is high, I suggest you get the 240-tab bottle of Hydroxycut. I decided to go with the 160-tab bottle because my body fat was at 14%. After calculating it up, that bottle would last me for about one month (going by their directions). I only wanted to use it for one month, so it fit snuggly into what I wanted.

I started my cycle of Hydroxycut a week ago, and the results have been good. I had planned a great nutrition plan, and cardio to go along with it. I can't say the results have been great because it is only my first week on it.

  • Week 1: 2 caps, 3x daily
  • Week 2: 3 caps, 3x daily
  • Week 3+: 4 caps, 3x daily

I took the first caps in the in morning about an hour before my cardio session. I went along with what they stated, "take 2-4 tabs 30 minutes before every meal" these meals only include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not the in between meals.

My cycle was a one-month cycle going along with cardio in the morning, and a clean nutrition. So far only thing I have experienced with this product is a bit of sweating, and a rapid heart beat. But that does not bother me as much as I thought it would. I was used to the rapid heartbeat from the Dymadrine I used for energy boosts before my workouts.

This product, like every other legal product in America, is NOT a wonder drug. If you do not wish to fix the way the way you eat, and exercise, I do not recommend this product for you.

I believe I made the right choice with my fat loss supplement. I might be wrong, but as everyone must know, each body is different.

Before I go, I like to thank all those on the boards for helping me choose the right supplement, and I hope this article will help all others who are looking for a way to get cut fast.

Good Luck,