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Protein, Make It Easy!

Everyone knows in order to maintain and build muscle you need a lot of protein every day. Here is some information about high protein sources as well as a sample meal plan that I follow.

Everyone knows in order to maintain and build muscle you need a lot of protein every day (at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight).

The most basic concept is protein builds muscle. The hard part is getting in the protein you need each day. There is too much emphasis on supplements and not enough attention in the proper amount of protein.

Any experienced lifter will tell you the best way to get over a slump is by increasing your protein intake. You can train and train but if you are not taking in the proper protein it will not do anything. This is why educating yourself on protein can help you on all of your gains. Why waste your time in the gym if you are not getting in the protein you need to build muscle.

... so why not make it easy.

High Protein Sources

Protein amounts vary with different brands.

    Milk - 1 glass 8 grams of protein
    Yogurt - 1 cup 6 grams of protein
    String cheese - 1 stick 8 grams
    Eggs - 1 egg 8 grams of protein
    Steak - 7 oz steak 34 grams of protein
    Chicken - 3 oz breast 24 grams of protein
    Turkey - 3 oz breast 22 grams of protein
    Tuna - 3/4 cup 15 grams of protein
    Fish - 3 oz 24 grams of protein
    Peanut butter - 2 table spoons 8 grams of protein
    Beans - 1 cup 10 grams of protein

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Getting Protein In Daily

Many people say they just don't have the time to consume the protein. This is the reason there are methods for getting it in without wasting tons of time. Your body can only absorb about 45-50 grams of protein per meal this is why I recommend eating 6 smaller meals a day instead of a few large ones. This will allow you to absorb more protein each day.

I also recommend eating high protein foods prior to and after workout to provide your muscles with protein when they need it most. In order to get in the proper amount of protein daily you have to rid yourself of all junk food. They take up a lot of room and fill you with empty carbs.

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Keeping protein bars around the house can come in handy when on the go it provides a fast and convenient source of protein. Another thing I make sure to have is whey protein, which is another fast pure source of protein that is a weight lifters best friend.

Consuming the recommended protein can be especially hard when in school that is why I like to keep whey protein and protein bars ready to go in my locker.

Do You Keep A Supply Of Protein At School?

Yes, My Locker Is A Mini Nutrition Store.
No, My Locker Is Full Of Old Gym Socks.

What I like to do is set times when I will eat my 6 meals a day. This way you will know you got all your protein in for that day.

6 Day Meal Plan

This is what my diet looks like:

    4 egg whites, 1 yogurt, 2 glasses of milk

    Mid morning snack
    1 can of tuna, 4 tablespoons of peanut butter

    Chicken breast, 2 glasses of milk, and vegetables with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

    Afternoon snack
    Protein bar, glass of milk, turkey, and bread

    Chicken or steak, vegetables, milk

    After Dinner Snack
    Protein shake and yogurt

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This is just an example of a high protein diet. You should experiment to see what you respond to and decide what you like best.

Follow these tips and you will see it's made easy and the gains will come.