Supplement Company Of The Month: Prime Nutrition

Prime Nutrition may not be the biggest or the oldest company in the supplement business, but they're here to stay! CEO Aaron Singerman and athlete John Meadows explain the driving force behind the company's inception and top products.

Supplement Company Of The Month: Prime Nutrition
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Prime Nutrition is a relative newcomer to the supplement industry, but that hasn't stopped founders Aaron Singerman and P.J. Braun from making a big impact on the market. They've quickly built a reputation as a brand that cuts no corners in quality and is committed to being transparent about ingredients.

This has earned them the support of some big names, most prominently John Meadows, a renowned bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach who formulated Prime's flagship product, Intra-MD.

Singerman talked to about where Prime came from and where they're going.


How did Prime Nutrition get started?

My business partner P.J. Braun and I started our first company, Blackstone Labs, around 3-1/2 years ago. At the time, our primary target was serious bodybuilders. Both P.J. and I have been passionate about training since we were teenagers. Blackstone Labs was a result of our interest in results over anything, and the line was built to those specifications.

As both of us have gotten older our personal interests have shifted toward health a little more, and we wanted to create a supplement line that produced great results but wasn't too intimidating for the mainstream consumer. That's Prime Nutrition.

What was it about the sport of bodybuilding and the industry that got you hooked?

Like many teenagers, I started off as a skinny kid who trained with weights in hopes of getting respect—and girls! I started going to the gym regularly when I was 13, and for some reason it really resonated with me. I liked the idea of my hard work paying off in terms of visible progress, and I loved beating my own records in the gym.

Honestly though, I don't think I truly fell in love with bodybuilding until I watched my first live bodybuilding contest in 1997, the NPC Mr. Louisiana, and met IFBB pro Mike Matarazzo. The fact that I could have an actual conversation with a guy I looked up to and saw pictures of in the magazines was a big deal to me.

Who was instrumental in helping you get Prime off the ground?

The most important person was clearly my business partner, P.J. Braun. Without him and his constant presence there would be no Prime Nutrition. One of the things I am most grateful for is having P.J. to go back and forth with. It's invaluable to always have a competent second opinion only feet away.

Prime Nutrition is a relative newcomer to the supplement industry, but that hasn't stopped founders Aaron Singerman and P.J. Braun from making a big impact on the market.

P.J. and I actually sit at opposing desks in the same room in our office. We're about to move to a much bigger office, and we could have both had huge office suites, but we have decided to continue sharing one, since so much good comes out of being right next to each other.

I'd be remiss—and in serious trouble at home—if I didn't also mention my wife, Darielle Singerman. Without her, none of this would be possible. She provides me with absolute peace of mind that my two sons are being taken care of, but she is also a reliable trustworthy sounding board and support system for me.

Last but certainly not least is Chris Evangelista, whom we brought on to be the vice president of Prime Nutrition and help us lead the company into the future. He's done a great job, and joining forces with him has been one of our smartest business decisions.

What does an average day for the CEO of Prime Nutrition look like?

I spend most of the morning on the computer in my kitchen at home, so I can spend time with my oldest son, Asher; when he goes to school, I go to the office. I try to get to the gym no later than 6:30 so I can be home before 8 p.m. to play with him for a while, then I often put him to bed and tell him robot or dragon stories. Those are his favorites.

My wife and I eat dinner and watch a TV show. Once she goes to bed, I go back to work or get on the phone for international phone calls. I'm usually in bed reading a book by 12:30. I never sleep more than 6 hours.

Who are some of your best-known athletes?

We have an incredible lineup of athletes and coaches representing Prime Nutrition. A lot of you would probably recognize P.J.'s wife, Celeste Braun, a former WWE wrestling star who is also the owner of Celestial Bodiez clothing as well as our spokesperson.

Of course we're also incredibly fortunate to have John Meadows in our corner. John isn't just an athlete; he's a trainer and nutritionist with a loyal following throughout the industry. Earlier this year, after numerous attempts, he attained his pro card and placed in the top five in his first three shows in the 212-pound division.

Upon joining the company, he made an impact immediately by creating Intra-MD, which is one of our most popular products.

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In a market packed with amino blends, why do you think Intra-MD has been such a hit?

John has come up with something really special based on a precise formula of amino acids and highly branched cyclic dextrin. The simplest way to explain Intra-MD is to say it increases recovery. I drink it when I train legs, and I'm no longer sore the next day.

What new products do you have in the works?

We pride ourselves on being innovators and never resting on our laurels. I don't want to say too much about it yet, but John Meadows' newest creation, Intra-MD EAA+, is coming out in a month or so, and it's going to be huge! It's like a carb-free Intra-MD, but it's also so much more than that.

Right now, I'm also in love with Max-HP, our all-natural pre-workout. It gives powerful pumps combined with insane energy, but it's still 100 percent natural with no artificial dyes, colors, flavors, or sweeteners. None of our Platinum Series products have proprietary blends either, and that's something we're proud of.

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What do you feel are the best and worst parts of being in the supplement industry?

This is a tough question for me to answer, because I have a hard time thinking of just one good thing. I love this industry. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do something I love and make money doing it. I can't believe my luck that P.J. and I can come up with an idea while joking around in our own office, and a few months later that idea is an actual product—and then people spend their hard-earned money to buy that product! I mean, how surreal and absolutely amazing is that?

The worst thing is very easy: lawsuits. I'm not talking about lawsuits based on product issues or anything with individuals buying the products. I am specifically talking about supplement companies suing other supplement companies. I just don't get it.

Why should new customers give Prime products a shot?

Because the people who make the products, P.J. and I, actually take the products! We design products that we personally want.

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That sounds very simple, but I can't tell you how rare it is. We aren't focusing on the bottom line and the margins on the product; instead, we're simply focusing on making products we're proud of and excited to take ourselves.

Athlete interview John Meadows, Prime Nutrition Athlete


Tell us about your role at Prime Nutrition.

I have a multifaceted role. I formulate products for Prime that are cutting edge, but I'm also an athlete. Both roles are extremely fulfilling to me, and I look forward to continuing in these capacities.

What was it about Prime that made you want to be part of the company?

I felt like Aaron was trying to do something huge in the industry by allowing me to develop products that are truly effective. This was something I really wanted to do with whatever company I signed with after I parted ways with my last company.

I formulate products for Prime that are cutting edge, but I'm also an athlete. Both roles are extremely fulfilling to me, and I look forward to continuing in these capacities.

There was a belief in me from the start. I have worked in the industry for a long time and built up a decent amount of credibility, so Aaron recognizing this was very important to me.

This may an easy question to answer, but what is your favorite Prime product?

Of course it's Intra-MD. If you could read all the emails I get about it, you would understand why. All of these emails essentially say the same thing, and they mirror exactly what my goal in developing the product was.

The goal was to have a profound impact on recovery, and provided that someone's diet is in check, Intra-MD does just that. It allows for more training frequency, which equates to more growth opportunities, the way I see it.

Why should potential customers of choose Prime Nutrition?

It's high-quality and the prices are rock bottom. What else could you ask for?