Sean Sarantos Fitness 360: Never Say Die - Supplementation

You know by now that supplements can't replace proper nutrition. These supplement suggestions will fortify your diet and help you hit your fitness goals!

You have to eat lunch and dinner and breakfast. You have to eat or you won't get the nutrients you need for a healthy life. Sean Sarantos is a Cytosport athlete, but even though he takes their products for good reason, he still needs whole foods to complete his plan.

Sean will replace whole meals with protein shakes, but he is quick to identify shakes, which offer the same nutritional qualities of the meals he replaces. He is also sure to cycle off supplements that lose their effectiveness over time.

Sean's Supplementation Philosophy

Says Sean: "Supplements are there to help you, do NOT rely on them alone to make you bigger or stronger! Being smart and healthy about what you eat will be the deciding factor! I see it all too often where guys come to the gym and have a pharmacy with them! They think this will get them the muscles and abs. But guess what they do after the workout? They have a beer and burger! Because in their mind, the decent workout and the supplements will overpower the negative slop you put into your body! FOCUS on your eating habits and include supplements for help - only then will you see the results you are looking for!"

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