Building Bulging Biceps Workouts

In this article you will find routines sure to make your biceps bigger and shapelier. Try these exercises and watch your biceps grow!

Everyone wants big guns. So how does one go about getting them? My fiancé has some of the best biceps in the business. People often say to him "I want arms like yours".

In this article you will find routines sure to make your biceps bigger and shapelier. One of the biggest obstacles you may encounter is knowing how much weight to use and how many sets to do. Never use a weight that compromises your ability to do good form.

The best way to approach your arm routine is starting out with moderate weight and performing 12-15 good reps. After a couple of sets, increase the weight and do about 8-10 good reps. Never drop below 6 repetitions, it can bee too hard on the joints. Trust me, you can build muscle by using moderate weights and higher reps. The key here is good technique. You may have to utilize a trainer in the beginning to get the form down.

Give yourself a couple of months to start seeing results. Make sure you are getting enough rest between workouts as well. Do not work your biceps more than twice per week. Overtraining is not the solution. Hard work and consistency is what it takes to make things happen. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Bodybuilding is a progressive, yet creative endeavor. For most of us, it is the lifestyle we live on a daily basis. Like anything else worthwhile, it's not easy. It is going to take some discipline and self-control to get to the ultimate goal. If you want bigger and better biceps follow the program below.

Workout 1

Workout 2

Use a weight you can get the number of reps with. Do workout 1, one day per week and workout 2 one day per week. Please note you can do the exercises in any order. I would recommend switching the order of the exercises once in a while to shake things up. Again, you won't see results over night. Work with this program for about eight weeks and you too will have bulging biceps.