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Ask The Protein Powder Chef: Valentine's Day Truffles

Valentine's Day means two things: cuddles and calories. Trade in the latter for guilt-free protein truffles. Grow your love, and your gains, with this recipe!

Valentine's Day is a time for reveling in love and sentimental cards. But make no mistake, this sweet holiday can wreak havoc on your best nutritional goals. If you're halfway through a New Year's transformation, serious about keeping your gains, or just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with something other than a box of sugar-filled, heart-shaped chocolates, you've come to the right place.

This year, give that special someone (or yourself!) the homemade, protein-filled alternative to cheap sweets. Trade in store-bought Russell Stover's for a box of protein chocolate that's handcrafted by you. There's truly no better gift!

A box of protein chocolate will render your partner speechless, lead to a cascade of hugs and kisses, and bring on intense nommage. It's like a box of protein magic. And the best part of making your own protein chocolates? You can easily tailor this recipe to your recipient's taste buds and macros!

Filling Ingredients
Coating Ingredients
  • 3-4 squares of 85% dark chocolate
  • 1 square white chocolate (optional, but great for decoration)
  1. Mix all of the filling ingredients in a big bowl. Pay attention to the flavor of the batter and tweak to fit your loved one's tastes. If they like Nutella, for example, use hazelnut butter and a really chocolatey whey protein powder, like Cellucor. If your partner is the first to dive into a Reese's cup, add peanut butter to the batter. You can even throw in a handful of almonds!
  2. Once you achieve the right texture, shape the batter into eight balls and set them aside. Remember that if your batter is too sticky to shape, you should add a bit more cocoa powder. If it's too dry or crumbly, add a bit more milk.
  3. Melt your dark chocolate by sticking it in the microwave or, if you're feeling fancy, melt it in a bain marie, which is just a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water.
  4. When your dark chocolate has melted, dunk the balls in them and transfer them to a plate or chopping board that's covered in foil or baking paper. This will help prevent the balls from sticking when you unmold them.
  5. Finally, top your truffles with melted white chocolate, chopped nuts, chocolate flakes, or coconut flakes!
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Truffle
Recipe yields 8
Amount per serving
Calories 64
Total Fat 4g
Total Carbs 4g
Protein 4g

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