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Ask The Protein Powder Chef: Valentine's Day Truffles

Valentine's Day means two things: cuddles and calories. Trade in the latter for guilt-free protein truffles. Grow your love, and your gains, with this recipe!

Valentine's Day is a time for reveling in love and sentimental cards. But make no mistake, this sweet holiday can wreak havoc on your best nutritional goals. If you're halfway through a New Year's transformation, serious about keeping your gains, or just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with something other than a box of sugar-filled, heart-shaped chocolates, you've come to the right place.

This year, give that special someone (or yourself!) the homemade, protein-filled alternative to cheap sweets. Trade in store-bought Russell Stover's for a box of protein chocolate that's handcrafted by you. There's truly no better gift!

A box of protein chocolate will render your partner speechless, lead to a cascade of hugs and kisses, and bring on intense nommage. It's like a box of protein magic. And the best part of making your own protein chocolates? You can easily tailor this recipe to your recipient's taste buds and macros!

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