Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 42

Rest day! It's time to relax, recuperate, and soak up Arnold lore. Even if you think you've seen everything he's ever been in, you might get a surprise today!

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You're a full six weeks into Arnold's Blueprint, and you've definitely earned another day off. Rest up, eat up, and don't exert yourself any more than necessary. You've got only a dozen workouts left!

Last week we took a gander at Arnold's first commercial, which was nothing more than a tiny cameo in a nondescript early 1970s Chevy spot. While he would never be a well-known commercial actor in the United States, Arnold more than made up for it in Japan, where he unforgettably pitched everything from coffee to Cup-O-Noodles to beer during his Mr. Freeze days in the 1990s. Luckily, the Internet has preserved the results.

Make sure to watch this entire clip. It only gets better as it continues.

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