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Anabolics: The Hardcore Truth & Leucine's Muscle-Building Potential Explained!

‘You have to be anabolic to build muscle.’ It's a statement that makes you realize the importance of adding a hardcore anabolic activator... Find out why anabolic agent L-leucine rises above the rest for bodybuilders!

The Hardcore Truth About Anabolics

"You have to be anabolic to build muscle." It's a statement that makes you realize the importance of adding a hardcore anabolic activator to your cherished supplement stash. Find out why L-leucine rises above the rest and is considered to be one of the best anabolic agents for bodybuilders!

Industry Buzz

The buzz on recent trends toward the use of anabolic agents is growing louder by the day. So loud, in fact, that you can actually hear the term anabolism getting thrown around gyms, locker rooms and supplement shops throughout the bodybuilding communities. As our heightened demand for muscular size and strength becomes more vocalized, newbie gym goers are quickly overwhelmed with a foreign anabolic language.

"You have to be anabolic to build muscle." It's a simple statement that spreads like wildfire and makes you realize the importance of adding a hardcore anabolic activator to your cherished supplement stash.

Being anabolic is vital for building insanely dense muscle and the following will outline why the underestimated amino-acid, L-leucine, rises above the rest and is considered to be one of the best anabolic agents for bodybuilders!

Jay Cutler
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You Have To Be Anabolic To Build Muscle.

The Lowdown On Anabolism

First off, for those who don't know, anabolism occurs in the metabolic pathways and causes the construction of complex molecules from smaller units. Whereas, the term catabolism refers to the breakdown of complex molecules into smaller units. Unfortunately, many don't understand the importance of being and staying anabolic throughout the day.

As a bodybuilder, you have to realize that you can train all you want but if you're not anabolic, you simply won't build up the skin-splitting muscle you hunger for! You need to be in a consistent state of anabolism if you want to develop boulder shoulders, a cobra-like back or baseball biceps.

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You Need To Be In A Consistent State Of Anabolism.

Leucine's Muscle-building Potential Explained

If you find yourself wondering exactly what L-leucine is and how it can help you as a bodybuilder - listen up!

L-leucine (leucine for short) is an essential amino acid and is considered to be the strongest and most important Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) for inducing anabolism because of its involvement in stimulating the signal for protein synthesis in skeletal muscle.

In terms of BCAAs as a whole, they are crucial "building blocks" of the body because they play an especially important role in muscular growth and development. What's more, BCAAs facilitate the release of insulin, which promotes the uptake of amino acids into your muscle cells. These beneficiary actions potentially lead to increased protein synthesis, muscle growth and added raw strength.

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Maximizing Your Insulin Response!
Insulin is one of the body's most anabolic muscle-building hormones. More specifically, it's a hormone released by the pancreas in response to nutrient availability.

Leucine is a vital supplement for every level of bodybuilder because of its huge contribution to the creation of a total anabolic environment for your system.

In fact, the effectiveness of leucine as an anabolic signal activator has been tested and proven by some of the world's most renowned universities. This alone explains why leucine is used as the key ingredient for many industry-leading anabolic activators. It's this amplified anabolic environment that's crucial for building unmatched muscle mass!

Nuts, brown rice, whole-wheat bread products and meats all contain leucine; however, the amount of leucine found in these foods may not be enough for a truly hardcore bodybuilder. For this reason, it's important to supplement with a scientifically engineered leucine supplement designed to initiate quick absorption, thus spiking plasma leucine levels and activating anabolic pathways.

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The Amount Of Leucine Found In Food
May Not Be Enough For A Truly Hardcore Bodybuilder.

Go With The Best

As mentioned before, there are many different anabolic activators available on the market today, so which one do you go with? As a bodybuilder you can't afford to rely on cheap imitation anabolic supplements. If you're going to push your body to the limit day in and day out, you need an anabolic activator you can trust. One that is backed by real science. One that is guaranteed to deliver results.

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