Amanda Latona's 5 Favorite Exercises: Single-Arm Cable Triceps Extension

There's always time for triceps training! Learn how this movement has helped Amanda Latona sculpt her arms for the stage.

"Single-Arm Cable Triceps Extension." Sure, the name is long, but the movement is worth the mouthful. "I like using one arm for this [triceps extensions] so I can really focus on my triceps," says Latona. "My triceps get a great workout because there's constant tension on the muscles."

Whether you want shapelier arms or full-blown horseshoe triceps, include Amanda Latona's favorite triceps exercise in your arms routine! Watch her form in the video below, then put the movement to work for you!

Amanda Latona Turning Heads: Single Arm Underhand Grip Press Down

Watch The Video - 03:18

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What would your superhero power be? What would be your name?

"I'd love to be a human lie detector. I believe in brutal truth and honesty. So, if somebody was lying to me, I'd be able to tell straight off, not find out later. My superhero name would be 'Glutezilla!' I can't take credit for that, though. Right before I turned pro, everyone was calling me that."