Amanda Latona's 5 Favorite Exercises: The Cable Crossover

Chest training is important for women and men. Use Amanda's favorite chest exercise to add shape and definition to your pecs!

Amanda Latona uses cable crossovers to isolate her pecs. "Instead of getting under a heavy barbell for bench presses like I did in the past, I use the constant tension of the cables to shape rather than add size to my chest," she says. Watch Amanda's form on her favorite movement and see what it can do for you!

Amanda Latona Turning Heads: Cable Cross Over

Watch The Video - 03:07

Latona Trivia

Do you eat cheat meals?

"Read The Four Hour Body. It tells you the proper way to cheat. Before eating a big meal, drink some grapefruit juice to help regulate insulin. After you eat, do some sort of muscular contraction like air squats or wall presses for 60-90 seconds. The author, Timothy Ferriss, says it opens the pathways for calories to flow into your muscle cells. I don't know if it works, but on my way back from Australia, after my croissants, I did squats and wall presses. And look at my svelte physique."