During his late teen years, Joar Fällmar fell out of love with sitting around playing video games, and in love with moving the heaviest iron possible. But when a back injury put the sport of powerlifting out of reach, he switched gears and became a heavy-and-hard bodybuilder in the mold of his heroes Branch Warren and Johnnie O. Jackson. He discovered that his body loved the challenge, and he grew like a weed—although his studies took a hit.

"I was the other guy before. People didn't look up to me, people didn't compliment me. But I think people began to see me more like a role model, even though I didn't go to all my classes," the native of Jönköping, Sweden, says.

Now in his late 20s, and with several international competitions under his belt, this soft-spoken light heavyweight bodybuilder has set a new goal, which he shared in the video "Life of Iron" on the Bodybuilding.com YouTube channel.

"I want to be Sweden's most freakish physique. I want people to be shocked," he says. "I have my tunnel vision. Nothing is going to break it."

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