Oprah backs it so why can't you? She has publicly battled her weight for all to see (and to help others address their own ups and downs on the scale and how this affects their life) and recently endorsed KFC's new grilled chicken. So, is KFC a healthy restaurant?

A Look Up Close: KFC

Whenever I think of KFC, I think of fried chicken and biscuits. It isn't exactly the restaurant you plug into your GPS for healthy, clean eating. But, KFC actually has more healthy options than many fast food or quick service restaurants. And, you can modify their menu items as well. The best meal options on KFC's menu are in red.

Good Bets At KFC

  • Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad Without Dressing And Croutons
  • Roasted Chicken BLT Salad Without Dressing
  • Chicken Breast Without Skin Or Breading
  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Strips
  • Caesar Side Salad Without Dressing And Croutons
  • House Salad Without Dressing
  • KFC Snacker With Or Strip Without Sauce
  • KFC Snacker Or Strip, Buffalo
  • Double Crunch Sandwich With Or Strip Without Sauce
  • Tender Roast Twister Without Sauce
  • Tender Roast Sandwich Without Sauce
  • Toasted Wrap With Or Without Sauce

Other decent sides on the KFC menu include:

Corn (no butter), green beans, KFC red beans with sausage and rice (no kidding! 24 grams of protein and just 160 calories and 2.5 grams of fat according to the nutrition information posted on their website).


KFC isn't the worst place you could eat. In fact, there are many options on the KFC menu that won't blow your diet. And, this chain has made strides to include more healthy options on the menu which means they are heading in a very positive direction. They still serve their base customers but have some healthy food for those of us looking for a fit body and clean arteries.

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