In just a few short years, RSP Nutrition has risen from a promising new brand to one of the most popular brands available on How and why? Look no further than their differentiated product assortment that fuels healthy, active lifestyles. users love the ingredient profiles of RSP products packed with clean, effective ingredients. From the clean anytime energy from AminoLean to the nutrient-rich protein meal replacement TrueFit, RSP continues to deliver products unique to their brand and the high performer consumer.

To see where this established brand is now and where it's headed, we talked to Victor Davanzo, RSP's founder and CEO.

What differentiates RSP from other sports nutrition and supplement companies?

We noticed busy professionals were pushing themselves to new heights with their training (high-intensity interval training, CrossFit, group fitness, etc.) while also eating cleaner (Paleo, Whole30, Keto, etc.); however, they couldn't relate to many traditional sports nutrition products that were being marketed in outdated ways with questionable and hard-to-understand ingredients.

RSP was founded to clean up sports nutrition and serve this modern, active-lifestyle consumer.

RSP Nutrition AminoLean Energy Formula
RSP Nutrition AminoLean Energy Formula
Anytime Aminos with Natural Energy designed to Build Muscle and Burn Fat!

Why exactly are RSP products "so much more," to use your marketing phrase?

The market includes hundreds of proteins, pre-workouts, and other supplements, some of which are great for many consumers. While there's nothing wrong with them, we believe they can be so much better. That's where RSP comes in.

Drinking RSP shake.

RSP's products are designed for consumers who are looking for all-in-one solutions that offer more benefits than traditional supplements. We've worked with nutritionists to develop products that contain a combination of natural ingredients. Together, the benefits of these ingredients offer "so much more" than anything else on the market.

What are RSP's best-selling products?

Consumers are loving AminoLean and TrueFit right now.

AminoLean is an energy formula that has natural caffeine, weight management properties, and zero calories or sugar. It promotes mental focus. Consumers are loving AminoLean not only because it works great, but also because it comes in nine delicious fruit flavors. We also launched a 100-percent vegan version late last year.

TrueFit is an all-in-one protein that contains grass-fed, pasture-raised protein, organic fruit and veggies, prebiotic fiber, probiotics, and healthy fats. It's great as a post-workout recovery product or meal replacement. It also works fantastically well in baked goods. We've actually received a number of kudos from various media outlets, including Men's Health, SHAPE, and Business Insider. Women's Health ranked it as the number-one protein powder. We have something special in the works coming soon for TrueFit, so stay tuned!

RSP Nutrition TrueFit Grass-Fed Protein
RSP Nutrition TrueFit Grass-Fed Protein
Lean Protein from Real Food Sources

How is RSP keeping up with new trends in the nutrition industry? Anything in particular you have an eye on?

We focus on staying on the cutting edge of nutritional science by working with many of the most decorated researchers and formulators in the industry. We also make sure to stay authentic to who we are as a brand and strive to provide clean, active nutrition products to give our customers a healthy, convenient, and enjoyable fitness journey.

Taking RSP supplements.

A couple of notable trends we've discussed internally are consumers continuing to seek cleaner, more natural products while demanding the same taste and efficacy as before. Also, nootropics and mental performance supplementation finally seem to be catching on in a significant way.

Do you have any new products on the horizon? Anything you'd be willing to share a few details about?

The next few months are going to be really exciting at RSP! We have a number of innovations on the horizon in the hydration, ready-to-drink, natural energy, and recovery spaces that we'll be releasing in the next month. I would tell you more, but I can't spoil the surprise. Keep up with us on social media and join our mailing list to get sneak peaks into the latest innovations and new products before they hit the market.

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