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5 Super-Fit Las Vegas Performers

In Las Vegas, a great performance isn't enough. You must look good, too. Criss Angel and 4 other entertainers show you how to make muscle appear and body fat vanish.

Escape The "Fat Zone" The Sane Way

You can clutch your Tupperware all 365 days of the year, or be a human being and enjoy your time with friends.

Build Instant Strength With The Max-Out Method

Do the same old six reps feel like they'll never get easier? Use this simple technique to tap into your strength reserves, and you'll crank out a PR with ease!

Colton Leonard's Holiday Strongman Program!

Don't let holidays sap your strength. Use strongman Colton Leonard's training program and tips to build some serious winter strength!

7 Holiday Eating Strategies

Stay in control and finish the holidays guilt-free with this 7-point holiday survival plan from Dr. Sara Solomon. Don’t miss this piece!

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