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16 Inspirational Selfies You Must See

Has it been awhile since you've taken a progress photo? What are you waiting for? Check out these selfies for posing ideas and muscle motivation!

The 21 Best Workout Songs Of 2014

We mined all the songs released in 2014 to find the ones that will help you smash your workouts! Here are the tracks that made the list.

The Surprising Truth About Flexible Dieting

Unearth the truth about flexible dieting, sustainable fitness, and nutrition from Layne Norton, Ph.D. This is one interview you don't want to miss!

The 6 Best Additions To Your Protein Shake!

Here are our picks for the best and most exciting ingredients to toss into the blender that will amp up the nutritional value and flavor of your shakes. Happy slurping!

Build The Perfect Set Of Shoulders

Are you doing your deltoids a disservice by training them too much or too little? Here's the real deal on shoulder training from Noah “The Siege” Siegel.

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