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Over 40 Amateur Of The Week: Strong Women Lead Strong Families

Strong Women Lead Strong Families


Fitness Amateur Of The Week: Debra Rocks A Sexy And Sleek Physique!

Debra Rocks A Sexy And Sleek Physique!


Amateur Of The Week: Evan Discovered Phil Heath And Started To Lift!

Evan Discovered Phil Heath And Started To Lift!

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Put Your Body Through The "Shredder" Plan

This Kentucky native took his collegiate football experience and used it to help build an athletic physique! See how he got shredded!

Infantryman And Bodybuilder In One!

This army infantryman makes sure that the boots on the ground are powered by a bodybuilding leg day. Take it from Mac: You can have it all!

Transition Your Body From Sports To Bodybuilding

Daniel used the work ethic he learned from sports to commit to an exercise regimen that prepared him for the stage! Read his story, get his full plan.

4 Ways To Banish Food Guilt For Good

Food guilt can take the fun out of fitness and add inches to your midsection. Learn how to recognize and move beyond this dietary dilemma.

Keep The Love, Lose The Handles

Travel is no excuse for your abs to wash away like the tide. Part 2 of Zuzka Light's "Six-Pack Secrets" is here!


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