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Branch out from your standard peanut butter spread and give one of these other nutrient- packed nut butters a try.
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Oil doesn't have to be the enemy. Make your food sizzle with healthy choices that boost nutritional content—and your gains.
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Don't want to weigh down that protein-powered baked good-or any baked good-with oil and butter? Try these swaps for added moisture without the added fat.
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Training hard and drinking harder don't go hand-in-hand. Still, no matter how much you love to lift, you probably like a good cocktail. Learn to order smart and skip drinks with nothing but sugar!
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Build your bounty on top of a deserving bed of lettuce with these tips on choosing the healthiest greens
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Not sure what to make of the date printed on that tub of yogurt? Questioning the freshness of those week-old farmer's market eggs? Don't fret. Follow the tips below to understand expiration once and for all.
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Just because it is calorie free doesn't mean it's a free-for-all. Learn the lingo and serving suggestions for four common sugar substitutes.
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You know that potato chips and fries are packed with sodium, but what about brownies and cereal? Three health experts explain the salty consequences of our societal addiction to processed foods.
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HIIT training may feel chaotic, but a little planning makes all the difference. Train smarter than ever with these interval training tips from our friends over at Greatist!
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