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    Debate This: Train Once A Month For Massive Muscles!

    By: James Stettler

    How often to train? That is the question! There are dark rumors afloat; being whispered but never dared shouted. Read on if you would like to learn the truth about training frequency and see if you agree or not. I have also included a sample program...

    Date Added: Feb 16, 2007

  • Gain More Muscle By Training Less: The Trick Is In The Frequency & Volume!

    By: Ryan Patrick

    It's just a simple fact that more muscle is possible by training less... long term. But don't confuse less with easier. Here's a look at why and workouts to get you there.

    Date Added: Jan 8, 2010

  • The Secret To Big Gains: Avoid Overtraining For Maximum Muscle Mass!

    By: Joel Marion

    Inadequate training frequency may be the greatest contributor to small gains. That's right, but there is more... Learn how overtraining can effect you. Bonus: training methods to avoid overtraining!

    Date Added: May 22, 2009

  • What Is The Best High Frequency Workout Routine?

    By: Workout Of The Week

    What is the best high frequency workout routine? Increase mass and recovery time with these full workout programs from our forum members! That and more right here. Try them now!

    Date Added: Feb 5, 2008

  • How Can One Maintain Their Physique?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    How can one maintain their physique? Our forum members share some helpful information such as routines for maintenance, diet, supplements, and more right here. Read on to learn more!

    Date Added: Oct 19, 2007

  • Training For Bigger Arms: Techniques For Natural Bodybuilding.

    By: Aaron Links

    This article is focused on the natural bodybuilders who don't get the extra nutrient/protein assimilation offered by various performance-enhancing drugs. Build a better body and bigger arms by trying what I have learned through trial and error.

    Date Added: Dec 19, 2006

  • What Is The Best Time Of Day To Weight Train?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    What is the best time of day to weight train? Our forum members have some good insight into this somewhat subjective topic. See what they have to say.

    Date Added: Apr 7, 2006

  • High Frequency Training: Avoid Overtraining!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Tired of training programs that want you to avoid overtraining at all costs? Then maybe you should take a look at High Frequency Training!

    Date Added: Oct 4, 2005

  • Training Schedules: Three Ways To Quantify And Evaluate Your Training.

    By: Peak Performance

    Check out these three different methods of quantifying a training load, each with its own merits and limitations. Learn the potential usefulness of Excel spreadsheets in helping coaches and athletes summarize their training loads in graphic terms.

    Date Added: Jul 14, 2005

  • Workout Less & Achieve More.

    By: Mike Mahler

    In this article I am going to show you what exercises to focus on and provide an example of a workout to get you started.

    Date Added: Aug 31, 2004

  • Put Yourself First: Making Time For Fitness!

    By: Sara Morin

    When you schedule your day, it is often overwhelming and filled with countless commitments and stress. You find that you’ve spread yourself so thin, that you come home at night and land in a heap. Throw children into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for co

    Date Added: May 26, 2004

  • Back To The Gym!

    By: Jason Bennett

    I went home and devised a plan for the next two weeks to specifically target getting back into proper form. I call this my Back to the Gym Plan and hopefully it can help anyone of you reading this come back from a long layoff.

    Date Added: Feb 27, 2004

  • Training When You Don't Have Time!

    By: Jim Brewster

    Are you one of those people who lead a very busy life? Do you have a job that demands 60+ hours a week? Then try this program to work with.

    Date Added: Feb 26, 2004

  • Working The Back Shift: Working Out For The Non Nine To Fiver's!

    By: Mark Subsinsky

    There are several aspects that I will be covering in the series. The first installment will discuss, sleep, changing sleep patterns and training/workout schedules.

    Date Added: Feb 21, 2004

  • No Time To Workout?

    By: David Gluhareff

    As a trainer I can’t tell you how many times I have heard – I do not have enough time to work out! - from a potential client. I want to get sick when I hear this. To us trainers this should sound a bell in our heads signaling a challenge.

    Date Added: Feb 16, 2004

  • Planning Your Training Frequency: Timing Is Everything!

    By: HST

    Whether you are sold on heavy weight and low reps, or less weight and more reps, if your training frequency is not planned with the same scrutiny as other aspects of your routine, you may be wasting time unnecessarily. Science is now showing us things that may change the way you train forever!

    Date Added: Feb 3, 2004

  • Cycled Recovery!

    By: Aaron Whitten

    One of the most overlooked aspects of training is the proper cycling of training frequency. Find how to increase your explosive power, strength and mass while reducing bodyfat levels.

    Date Added: Dec 29, 2003

  • Frequency Of Training!

    By: Charles Poliquin

    Frequency of training is measured as the number of training sessions for a given muscle group or lift per unit of time. Learn what they three main schools of frequency are and what my observations of them are! BONUS: Charles' German Volume training program.

    Date Added: Sep 10, 2003

  • Time & Consistency: The Keys To The Body You Desire!

    By: Chris Zaino

    Why are more and more people failing in their attempts to achieve a healthier, leaner physique? Their workouts were great, they did their cardio, ate right too. Learn why time & consistency are the key to gains!

    Date Added: Jul 7, 2003

  • Combat Conditioning: Five Months Without Weights!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Most of us are willing to try just about any new weight-training program that comes down the pipe. But would you be willing to try something so different that it doesn't even involve using weights? Learn how to make gains without weights!

    Date Added: Feb 21, 2003

  • The Ultra Hardgainer Routine

    By: Shannon Pittman

    For those who seem to have no genetic gifts in the area of body mass gain there is still hope.

    Date Added: Jan 14, 2003

  • Traveling & Staying Fit

    By: Mark Saunders

    Traveling means waiting and waiting and waiting. Learn how to stay in shape on the road or in the air!

    Date Added: Dec 17, 2002

  • Discover Your Optimum Training Frequency!

    By: Pete Sisco

    How often should you workout? The answer may surprise you! Discover YOUR optimum training frequency to unleash new growth.

    Date Added: Nov 27, 2002

  • Free-Hand Your Way To Fitness!

    By: Randy Herring

    Freehand exercises have a tonic effect on the muscles and internal organs. They tone up the circulatory system and are beneficial in safeguarding the general health of the body. Advanced freehand exercises shape and muscularize the body.

    Date Added: Oct 15, 2002

  • A Guide To Effective Weekly Training Analysis

    By: Ryan Mackie

    I like to look at everything I do with my training very closely. Knowing exactly why I'm doing certain routines, training methods and why I'm following a certain type of diet strategy.

    Date Added: Sep 19, 2002

  • Hardcore Precontest Training Journal 2!

    By: David Knowles

    Unfortunately, yesterday's "day-of-rest" was not a very restful one. However, I feel good enough to start this last round of workouts...

    Date Added: Sep 12, 2002

  • Workout Without Weights

    By: Ryan Bame

    Ok, you are on vacation, you can't risk taking a two to three week break from your rigorous workout, but you don't have any equipment to train with. There is a simple solution, a workout without weights!

    Date Added: Jul 1, 2002

  • Randy's Advanced Muscle-Building & Fat Loss Training Regimen

    By: Randy Herring

    I am following an Intermediate 4-day Split modified for Advanced Training so I can train body parts more frequently to cycle my weight & rep scheme and also to vary the exercises and technique.

    Date Added: Jun 28, 2002

  • Effective Anabolic Training...

    By: Sean Quade

    Sure, food is the raw materials for your body to work with, and sleeping actually makes you recover, but these two aspects are useless if you don't stimulate the body to gain muscle in the form of lifting weights. Learn about: Reps, Sets, Failure and Splits, The Pump, Workout Time and Progressive Resistance, Intensity and the Weider Principles, Plateaus, Machines vs. Free Weights and more!

    Date Added: May 16, 2002

  • Making Time and Making the Most of Your Time

    By: David Knowles

    I think that it goes without saying that if you want to succeed in bodybuilding, you need to make time in order to train. However, problems are encountered with an extremely busy schedule. Trust me, even with the busiest schedule you can have time to workout.

    Date Added: May 1, 2002

  • Ballz 2 Da Wall!

    By: Bryan Locke

    People are trashin' the way I workout and I am sick of it! People who are using HIT think that my way of training is wrong. I will prove them wrong with this article!

    Date Added: Apr 11, 2002

  • Designing A Training Schedule: Things To Consider

    By: Jeff Galterio

    There are many aspects of bodybuilding that will apply to everyone such as technique and the basic principles. Other items will need to be custom fit to you and will often need to be found out through trial and error. However, everyone will need to understand the basic principles involved in assembling a well-fit training program.

    Date Added: Apr 6, 2002

  • Your Own Home Gym

    By: AJ

    You just got to work from the ground up like bodybuilding. Start with the simpler things and move onto bigger more expensive pieces of equipment.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2002

  • Training At Home With The Bare Essentials

    By: Ben

    Sure they have heaps and heaps of equipment and you can do heaps of different stuff. On the other hand crowded gyms can be annoying and can effect the intensity that you train at, particularly when supersetting. You don't want to finish one particular exercise and go to the next one finding that you can't use it because some huge ego-driven guy is setting there sweating over the machine you want to use.

    Date Added: Apr 1, 2002

  • An Example Home Workout

    By: Ben

    Personally I find that gyms are overrated. Sure they have heaps and heaps of equipment and you can do heaps of different stuff. On the other hand crowded gyms can be annoying and can effect the intensity that you train at, particularly when supersetting.

    Date Added: Apr 1, 2002

  • The Milk Jug Workout & The Push-Up With Pictures!

    By: Derek Charlebois

    If you can not get the gym and don't have any weights, try the milk jug workout!

    Date Added: Mar 27, 2002

  • The No Equipment Experience

    By: John Giljum

    Make no mistake, when you're beginning, in other words, your first year or two of hard-core training, you have to follow a program- and follow it to the T.

    Date Added: Mar 27, 2002

  • A Shift Toward Quicker Results

    By: Big Red

    As bodybuilders, we are always looking for the quickest, most efficient ways to produce results and reach our goals. Features: The One Set Case, The Bare Minimum, A Full Workout Program For Two and Three Days Per Week.

    Date Added: Mar 20, 2002

  • Training While On Holiday

    By: John Lemare

    If you are trying to cut -up and you are on holiday by a beach it's the perfect time to go for a 20 minute swim or even running on the sand as it is harder than on the treadmill and much more tiring so you will burn more calories.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Designing A Home Gym

    By: Bryan Locke

    There are several advantages that make working out at home more productive than going to a local gym.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Volume Training Vs. Heavy Duty!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    The bottom line in their argument was that Arnold advocated working out for hours every day, while Mike wanted people to spend as little time as possible in the gym. Learn why and which one is better!

    Date Added: Jan 13, 2002

  • Training at Home - The Workouts

    By: Todd Blue

    In this article I will go over a few different training routines that can be done while training at home. I will touch on various ones from a complete home gym to having just the basic equipment. So let's jump into it.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Exercise Cycling

    By: Big Cat

    This is going to be a very short article, sort of as an additional remark, for when you start putting together your workout. Exercise cycling is a collection of different approaches I use to provide variety in a muscle according to that muscle's capacity and make-up.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Training Frequency Advice

    By: Big Dog Seth

    Push it to the max with high intensity training techniques! Be prepared for the most amazing results you will ever see!

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Training at Home - The Right Equipment

    By: Todd Blue

    By training at home there are no restrictions on what I can and can't do. To me the pros far out weigh the cons when training at home.

    Date Added: Dec 2, 2001

  • Progression of Training!

    By: Big Cat

    You start as a beginner and progress until you are an advanced bodybuilder. How do you know where you are right now? What should you do during each stage in between?

    Date Added: Oct 9, 2001

  • The Training Dilemma Part 1

    By: Mitch Hodge

    Everyone wants to know the perfect amount of time to spend in the gym for maximum results. Three on, one off, no, four on, two off, or was it three on, two off, one on, one off?! I'm telling you it's enough to drive a hardcore bodybuilder to the lap pool. Learn about the different eras of bodybuilding and different theories.

    Date Added: Oct 1, 2001

  • Summer of Mass Part II

    By: Derek Charlebois

    Here is my training journal and workout program as I try to gain more mass over the summer!

    Date Added: Jun 2, 2001

  • Cycle Your Training!

    By: Phano Som

    Simply put, big strong muscles are the result of lifting big heavy weights. They are not, however, the result of lifting heavy weights only.

    Date Added: May 22, 2001

  • My Mass Gaining Program

    By: Mark Tilden

    I am writing this on Thanksgiving Day and I thought what better day to elaborate on the gains I've made on my physique in the last 8 weeks. Here is my full 5-day training split!

    Date Added: Aug 10, 2000