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    Dangerous Curves: Get Your Glutes In Gear With Supersets

    By: Shannon Clark

    Are your glutes locked in neutral? Get them in gear with these intense supersets and achieve the round, athletic curves you crave.

    Date Added: Mar 12, 2013

  • How Many Reps Should You Do?

    By: Bill Geiger

    Want to build size, strength, or endurance? Then you need to know how many reps to lift! Here's how to match your goals to the best rep range and weight.

    Date Added: Aug 25, 2015

  • The MusclePharm Hardcore Series 250-Rep Challenge

    By: Contributing Writer

    Been squatting every day? Feel like your training has been making you stronger than ever? Then test yourself like never before with MusclePharm Hardcore's 250-Rep challenge!

    Date Added: Aug 11, 2015

  • Park Gyms

    By: Contributing Writer

    We love our hometown and wish to give our community the opportunity to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Date Added: May 21, 2015

  • Torch Your Arms With This Super Superset Finisher!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Combine skullcrushers and curls in a 5-part, high-intensity superset to blow up your biceps and triceps!

    Date Added: May 19, 2015

  • Cluster Training For Breakout Strength

    By: Christopher Smith, CSCS

    Lifting a 4-rep max 5 times in a single set is impossible, right? Not with cluster sets, the technique that redefines your limits and sets a new benchmark for strength!

    Date Added: May 12, 2015

  • Build Massive Arms With Cluster Sets

    By: Josh Bryant, MS, CSCS

    Are your shirt sleeves flapping in the wind? Try cluster sets, a proven technique strength athletes have been using for years, to supersize your biceps and triceps!

    Date Added: Apr 22, 2015

  • Dead-Stop Reps For Pain-Free Muscles

    By: Ben Bruno

    One simple change to the way you lift will make everything more difficult?and effective. When your body is screaming, ''Go up,'' make the choice to stay down!

    Date Added: Mar 23, 2015

  • Breakdown Sets To Build Up Muscle And Strength

    By: Josh Bryant, MS, CSCS

    Get more growth bang for your training buck by combining low reps, moderate reps, and high reps. Look strong?and be as strong as you look!

    Date Added: Mar 10, 2015

  • Build Max Muscle With Cannonball Sets!

    By: Bill Geiger

    Extend a set by adding weight until you can't do any more, and then start all over again. That's the hardcore nature of cannonball sets. Warning: Extreme muscle pain (and growth) guaranteed!

    Date Added: Nov 24, 2014

  • Calculate Your 1RM!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Learn how to compute your one rep max using these calculation methods.

    Date Added: Sep 2, 2014

  • Iron Is A Girl's Best Friend

    By: Contributing Writer

    Going for a new personal record isn't easy. Max lifts require a lot of training and mental preparation. Here are 5 things you need to know before you attempt a 1RM or new PR.

    Date Added: May 8, 2014

  • The Match Game: The Secret To Great Supersets

    By: Dan Blewett

    Superset-based workouts are an effective way to train more efficiently toward any goal, but not all pairings are created equal. Learn how to make the perfect match here!

    Date Added: Apr 7, 2014

  • High Reps, Low Reps? Which Rep Scheme Is Best?

    By: Mike Robertson, C.S.C.S.

    A lot of people get stuck in middle ground training in which they neither gain the muscle size nor the strength they want. There's a fix for that.

    Date Added: Mar 31, 2014

  • Cheat-Centrics: A Better Way To Perform Cheat Reps

    By: Nick Tumminello

    Going beyond failure doesn't have to put your spine at risk. Discover cheat-centric reps and add a valuable new muscle-building tool to your arsenal!

    Date Added: Oct 1, 2013

  • Ask The Pro Trainer: How Important Is The Number Of Reps I Do?

    By: Ryan Hughes

    I'm a trainer of celebrities and VIPs, an IFBB Men's Physique Pro, and a fitness advocate. I'd like to help you reach your goals by answering your tough questions!

    Date Added: Sep 16, 2013

  • 3 Ways To Extend Your Sets For New Gains

    By: Christopher Smith, CSCS

    If your rep scheme isn’t getting you where you want to be, then add an additional exercise to snack on after the main course. Rest when you’re dead!

    Date Added: Feb 1, 2013

  • Double Your Arm Firepower With Superset Training!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    You know that someone made an impact on the field of their choice when people are studying your training methods and thought processes over three decades after you were active. Arnold Schwarzenegger is someone who obviously did just that.

    Date Added: Mar 11, 2011

  • Become A Fat-Burning Pyro With Giant Sets!

    By: David Robson

    You wouldn't know it by the name, but a technique called giant sets is tailor-made for slimming down. Learn how to incorporate them into your regimen today!

    Date Added: Feb 15, 2011

  • Rocket Muscle Gains Into Overdrive With Two-Tempo Training!


    How fast or slow you go during any given set can be the difference between no gains and off-the-chart leaps in size and strength. In fact, by using just two different rep speeds you can double your gains. Let us explain...

    Date Added: Sep 23, 2010

  • Dramatic Transformation Principle: Shoulders, Priority, And Drop Sets!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Roger Lockridge takes Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle to the gym for some shoulder dropsets. Read on to see how he did!

    Date Added: Sep 16, 2010

  • Dramatic Transformation Principle: Chest, Back, And Supersets!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Roger Lockridge takes Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle to the gym for a chest and back superset. Read on to see how he did!

    Date Added: Sep 15, 2010

  • Evolution Of The Set System: Feat Of Strength To Mass & Strength!

    By: James Chan

    Early in the 20th century, a typical bodybuilder's routine consisted of 12 exercises covering the entire body. Despite the limitations training routines flourished prior to the advent of the set system. Here are some of those systems.

    Date Added: Jul 13, 2010

  • How Strict Should Your Exercise Form Be?

    By: Lee Hayward

    Is strict form that important? Find out why beginners and advanced trainers should not follow the same rules and what the power rep can do for you. Check it out.

    Date Added: Feb 18, 2010

  • How Many Sets & Reps Should You Do?

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    It is a very common question to ask: How many sets and reps should I do? To understand how to answer this question some simple questions have to be asked. Find out more right here.

    Date Added: Jan 26, 2010

  • Sets & Reps: The Nut And Bolts Of Program Design!

    By: James Chan

    As a trainer, I always get the same questions from people: How many sets should I do? How many reps? What kind of training split? Here are answers to these questions and more as I clear up the myths of training. Learn more.

    Date Added: Mar 26, 2009

  • Train Insane With Kane, Episode #10 - Insane Supersets, Serge Nubret-Style!

    By: Kane Sumabat

    In Kane's tenth video episode, Controlled Labs guys Kane and PT do an insane supersetted arms workout in the style of IFBB Pro Serge Nubret. 60 sets with no rest!

    Date Added: Dec 18, 2008

  • Big Time Strip Training: Shock Muscles & Build Mass!

    By: Scott H. Mendelson

    Gaining muscle while losing body fat is no easy task, everyone wants to do it, while few get it done. Get all that from this strip training program. Here's the program that will take you to the next level!

    Date Added: Oct 27, 2008

  • How Can You Incorporate Time Under Tension Into Your Workouts?

    By: Workout Of The Week

    How can you incorporate Time Under Tension into your workouts? Here our forum members put together workouts, benefits, downfalls and more so you can decide if this will help you gain muscle mass. Try them if you dare!

    Date Added: Jul 9, 2008

  • Packing On Mass With Proper Diet And Basic Training With X Reps!

    By: Iron Man Magazine

    Find out how Mike Semanoff packed on more mass with proper diet and basic training. I recently contacted Mike to see how his career was going. Here he describes exactly how he gained that muscle!

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2006

  • Representin' The Repetition - The Truth About Rep Schemes!

    By: Layne Norton

    There is no magic rep scheme. ALL rep schemes have merit and all should be utilized in order to achieve maximal physique development. Let me explain how every rep scheme has its merit.

    Date Added: Dec 15, 2006

  • Training With One-Hundred Repetitions!

    By: Lisa Sutton

    Sounds downright insane, doesn't it, one-hundred repetitions per set. I've recommended this for three reasons which I will list below along with a great workout spilt as an example. Break out of your plateau, now!

    Date Added: Oct 18, 2006

  • Rep Variation Training!

    By: Jim Brewster

    Even though many people do just toss the bar up and down, rep performance ties in directly with the effectiveness of your set. Learn more about varying rep speed and how it can help you make better gains!

    Date Added: Feb 8, 2006

  • Partial Movements: The Cornerstone Of Sports Training!

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    There are many arguments still about how muscles really work. In this article we will look at some information about them and how partial movements take advantage of how they work. Check it out!

    Date Added: Jan 27, 2006

  • Unique Rep Scheme Garnishes A World Record!

    By: Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien - WNSO/FAME

    We've all tried the various set and rep schemes and most iron trainers would agree that the 'trophy' muscles of the body are the biceps. This is no ordinary set and rep scheme. Read on to learn about an amazing record set with the barbell curl.

    Date Added: May 3, 2005

  • What Is The Optimal Time Between Sets For Muscle Growth?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    The Topic: What Is The Optimal Time Between Sets For Muscle Growth? Find out what people from our popular message boards think...

    Date Added: Jan 6, 2005

  • What Is The Best Rep And Set Range For Building Muscle?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    The Topic: What Is The Best Rep And Set Range For Building Muscle? Find out what people from our popular message boards think...

    Date Added: Dec 9, 2004

  • All About One-Repetition-Maximum Testing.

    By: David Robson

    This article will explain exactly how to conduct one-repetition-maximum testing and suggest ways in which test results can be applied across a range of training objectives...

    Date Added: Nov 18, 2004

  • Creating A Repetition Maximums Calculator!

    By: Charles Ridgely

    Herein, I demonstrate steps you can take to create a simple RM calculator using Microsoft Excel<SUP><FONT SIZE=-1>TM</FONT></SUP>. Once you've created your calculator, you'll be able to determine any of your RMs for any exercise in no time!

    Date Added: Oct 5, 2004

  • Defective Repetitions: Do Any Of These Styles Describe You?

    By: Nick Nilsson

    The repetition is the basis of all training. So how can something so important go so terribly (and humorously) wrong! See how many of these defective rep types you've spotted (hopefully, not in the mirror!).

    Date Added: May 5, 2004

  • The Skinny Guys Ideal Set: Determining The Appropriate Number Of Sets!

    By: Gregg Gillies

    In order for your muscles to grow, you have to stimulate them with a high intensity weigh training stress and then allow them to move through the three phases of the recovery process.

    Date Added: Apr 19, 2004

  • The Strength Deficit: Do You Need A More Powerful Engine Or A Bigger One?

    By: Alwyn Cosgrove

    There comes a point in the bodybuilding road so to speak where every athlete has to make a choice. Try this simple method to gain muscle or lose weight...

    Date Added: Apr 5, 2004

  • Why Everyone Is Wrong About Reps!

    By: Gregg Gillies

    There are some problems with this general thinking. First, muscles don't count reps, so these numbers could be completely different for someone who takes 10 seconds to complete one rep, compared to someone who takes 2 seconds for each rep.

    Date Added: Mar 26, 2004

  • Determination Of Repetition Maximums!

    By: Charles Ridgely

    Learn how to get accurate repetition maximums using mathematics. But fear not! Herein, a straightforward approach is provided for determining your, or your clients', RMs.

    Date Added: Feb 7, 2004

  • All About Torque!

    By: Zach G.

    The point of greatest stress on a muscle is always at the point where the limb in use is perpendicular to the force, so spending time at the stretch and contraction are not necessarily helpful, though a full range of motion is always necessary. Learn why!

    Date Added: Dec 16, 2003

  • Increase Your 1 Reps Max In 12 Weeks!

    By: AnimalPak

    Find out what factors contribute to increasing your one rep max. Try this routine to improve your one rep max in the next 12 weeks!

    Date Added: Dec 9, 2003

  • The Mathematics Of Bodybuilding For The One Rep Max!

    By: Dennis Weis

    The mathematically-derived coefficient table has been a tremendous benefit to me and thousands of other power bodybuilders for determining a true single-rep maximum in a selected exercise. Find out what it is and how it can help you!

    Date Added: Dec 2, 2003

  • 5-4-3-2-1 Blast Off: Use This Rep Range For Huge Gains!

    By: Shannon Pittman

    There are many different schemes for doing sets and reps in weight training. For those who have been in search of a productive way of training which is a little different, here it is! The 5-4-3-2-1 system is just that, something different that delivers amazing results.

    Date Added: Dec 1, 2003

  • Tempo & Tension Maximization For Advanced Bodybuilders!

    By: Tom Venuto

    The body will adapt to any training regimen in time, so tempo prescriptions should be varied just like any other training variable. Find out how it can help you!

    Date Added: Nov 6, 2003

  • Change Your Rep Tempo For Max Gains!

    By: Jeremy Likness

    There are a million ways to train, and a million ways to alter your training. One great way to add variety to your training is to understand and use the concept of tempo. Learn why!

    Date Added: Oct 31, 2003

  • The Art Of Spotting!

    By: AnimalPak

    Not many people in the Pilates Spandex era of today know how to properly spot someone. They think that standing over them and dripping mist from their balls onto someone's face is considered spotting. Learn why most spotters suck and a hilarious story of two jerks in my old gym...

    Date Added: Sep 25, 2003

  • Partial Rep Training For Full-Powered Results!

    By: Nick Nilsson

    Training in a partial range of motion can be the key to blasting your way past strength plateaus quickly. Find out why always using a full range of motion may actually be hurting your progress!

    Date Added: Sep 25, 2003

  • Organizing Your Workouts!

    By: ISSA

    Make use of all the tools you have at your disposal. The more diverse your approach the less likely you are to hit a plateau and burn out. Learn how to organize your workouts!

    Date Added: Sep 2, 2003

  • 3 Sets Of 10: Mainstay Or Myth?

    By: ISSA

    Everyone has something that annoys them about the fitness industry. For me it is program design. The 3 sets of 10 reps program got its start in the '40s and '50s in some early strength training experiments. Learn why it is so popular and if it is the best way to train...

    Date Added: Aug 21, 2003

  • Chris Cormier's Advice.

    By: Shane Giese

    In the September 2002 issue of FLEX, Chris Cormier wrote an article entitled, Anatomy of a Rep, explaining the importance of all aspects of the building blocks of workout routines and sets, which is the rep. The following are Chris Cormier?s steps to complete the perfect rep.

    Date Added: Jul 22, 2003

  • Non-Pyramid System For Maximum Muscle Growth!

    By: Doberman Dan

    From my very introduction to the Iron Game over 20 years ago, (geez, that makes me sound old!) all of the literature, books, and courses I've read or followed advocated "pyramiding" your weights on the basic exercises. Even as a novice bodybuilder, after a few weeks of "pyramiding" I thought that it was kinda stupid.

    Date Added: Jun 10, 2003

  • Training Tips: The One Rep Max!

    By: Nick Nilsson

    Nick Nilsson's quick tips will help you get the results you are looking for from your training no matter what your goal.

    Date Added: May 27, 2003

  • Time Under Tension In Your Training Program

    By: ISSA

    This concept was first popularized in North America by the now well-known strength coach Charles Poliquin. This author suggests monitoring the actual time that a muscle is "under tension" during an exercise by using a clock or stopwatch, and recording this parameter in the training log via a numerical system.

    Date Added: May 24, 2003

  • The New High Intensity # 2.

    By: Contributing Writer

    Remember, when the force of a repetition becomes too great for the type I fibers, the type II fibers must be recruited to continue moving the weight. Find out how what you need to know about type IIb fibers!

    Date Added: May 15, 2003

  • What Is Muscle Failure And How Does It Correlate With Intensity?

    By: Zach Marcy

    The key is to take your muscles to the point where you recruit these smaller assistance muscles. Learn why and how it demonstrates your intensity!

    Date Added: Mar 14, 2003

  • Getting Stronger One Rep At A Time!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Recently, I hit a plateau with my two kettlebell military presses and was becoming extremely irritated. Not only was I not getting stronger, I was actually getting weaker. What a pain! Learn how I got out of it!

    Date Added: Jan 20, 2003

  • A Lifting Formula

    By: Curtis Schultz

    The key to successful improvement in your weight-training program is to use methods of exercise and periodization techniques...

    Date Added: Dec 3, 2002

  • The Rep: Learn What To Do To Not Get Hurt

    By: Matt Danielsson

    This might not seem like a very big deal - I mean, hey, just grab the barbell and hammer it out, right? Not so. In fact, the rep is just as important of a variable as any other factor when you're working out.

    Date Added: Nov 8, 2002

  • Periodization For Bodybuilders Part 2

    By: Keats Snideman

    Are you interested in long term results and effectiveness in your training? Then you better have at least a basic understanding of 'periodization.'

    Date Added: Oct 31, 2002

  • Static Contraction Training

    By: Pete Sisco

    Using this method, the test subjects added an average of 9.0 pounds of new muscle (one subject added 28.9 pounds!) in just 10 weeks and increased their full range 1-rep max by 27.6%. Learn how this "minimum dose" training can can lead to maximum agains!

    Date Added: Sep 12, 2002

  • Does Power Factor Training Work?

    By: Other Writer

    If the claims are true, the many existing styles of resistance training can be compared head-to-head in an objective manner and it can lead to new training styles. Here is my theory and my personal training program!

    Date Added: Sep 7, 2002

  • Bodybuilding Techniques And Workouts

    By: Dr. Warren Willey

    Bodybuilding techniques were developed to compete against the plateau, the sticking point and/or the proverbial wall. Bodybuilding techniques are basic resistance training regimens designed to specifically increase muscle mass.

    Date Added: Jul 2, 2002

  • A New Method To Build Muscle Fast... And Avoid Injuries!

    By: Pete Sisco

    There are simple ways to avoid injuries and one of them is fantastically effective at building muscle. What? A safer way to lift that increases muscle building? Yes. Here is the full description and sample workouts for a few exercises.

    Date Added: Jun 3, 2002

  • Effective Anabolic Training...

    By: Sean Quade

    Sure, food is the raw materials for your body to work with, and sleeping actually makes you recover, but these two aspects are useless if you don't stimulate the body to gain muscle in the form of lifting weights. Learn about: Reps, Sets, Failure and Splits, The Pump, Workout Time and Progressive Resistance, Intensity and the Weider Principles, Plateaus, Machines vs. Free Weights and more!

    Date Added: May 16, 2002

  • Shocking Your Muscles to Stimulate Growth!

    By: Phano Som

    If you are one of the many avid lifters who train on a regular basis, then you should be well aware that muscles require a "shock" in order for them to grow. Here is the lowdown on Drop Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets and Forced Reps. GROW!

    Date Added: Apr 25, 2002

  • Anatomy of a Rep

    By: Bryan Locke

    The repetition is the single most basic, but at the same time, the most fundamental factor in bodybuilding.

    Date Added: Apr 24, 2002

  • Repetition Speed

    By: Daniel Martin

    The best approach to an exercise is to perform each repetition fast as possible while still maintaining proper form and constant control of the weight.

    Date Added: Apr 19, 2002

  • Training For Growth: Intensity vs. Volume

    By: Big Red

    If you've been on the boards lately, there's been a lot of talk about intensity, mostly High Intensity Training (HIT) the following I'm going to explain the importance of intensity and how it varies w. volume .

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Why Three Sets?

    By: Phano Som

    I'm hoping to better my condition that I produced at Nationals and walk away as the reigning Mr. SNBF champion.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • 50 Rep Madness

    By: Curtis Dennis

    Regardless of your goal, putting on size or strength, this technique is worth giving a shot at. 50-rep technique is doing an exercise to a total of 50 reps. Now all 50-rep do not have to be done in one set, you can do it in 2, 3, even 5 sets, whatever it takes to get to number 50, do it.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • How Many Sets and Reps?

    By: Todd Blue

    Some people say one set is fine if you break down the muscle. Others believe in 10-12 sets and some do as many as 20 sets per body part. The bottom line to this is you have to be the one to determine which is best for you.

    Date Added: Nov 15, 2001

  • Sets, Reps, Rest and Time Under Tension

    By: Dorian

    I started at over 300 lbs and completely out of shape. I lost over 100 pounds in 1 year using the ideas I came up with. I kept it off and then I went on to gain 80 lbs of muscle.

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2001

  • The Great Pyramid!

    By: Joe Corleone

    The training technique of pyramiding weights is one of the best to use in bodybuilding whether you have been training for months or years. Its purpose is to allow the muscles to be prepared for heavy training with low reps, the type which as been lauded for ages as one of the most productive in gaining strength and muscle size. Learn how to do it for the best results!

    Date Added: Jun 25, 2001

  • Intensity Techniques: Multi Exercise Sets!

    By: John Giljum

    OK, here's another shocker for all of you out there lookin' to up the intensity and add some serious shock value to your workouts.

    Date Added: Jun 23, 2001

  • Summer of Mass Part II

    By: Derek Charlebois

    Here is my training journal and workout program as I try to gain more mass over the summer!

    Date Added: Jun 2, 2001

  • Exercise Selection and Routine Order

    By: Joe Corleone

    This is a unique training article that explores the need to do the most difficult, most productive exercises first in your workout to ignite the sparks of the fire known as muscle growth. So get some wood, a match, and a little lighter fluid and prepare yourself for the inferno ahead.

    Date Added: May 29, 2001

  • Twelve Week Mass Workout!

    By: Todd Blue

    I receive a ton of emails every day from people all over the world asking pretty much the same question "Could you please send me a good mass building workout?" Well wait no longer because here it is.

    Date Added: May 22, 2001

  • Form Versus Weight/Momentum

    By: Manny Fausett

    Currently in any gym in the world, a person can walk in and find a lifter, regardless of gender, weight training with an unrealistic weight; throwing the weights around instead of focusing on form and maximum muscle contraction. The purpose of this article is to hopefully, avoid some of the common pitfalls regarding weight training for muscular development.

    Date Added: Feb 24, 2001

  • Intelli-Training: How To Train Intelligently!

    By: Other Writer

    When I began BB my chest was 38 inches and arms 11 inches... but now? Chest 42 inches and arms 14 inches. I got this huge gain using what I call 'Intelli-Training' or Intelligent Training. Here is the full program!

    Date Added: Dec 12, 2000

  • My Mass Gaining Program

    By: Mark Tilden

    I am writing this on Thanksgiving Day and I thought what better day to elaborate on the gains I've made on my physique in the last 8 weeks. Here is my full 5-day training split!

    Date Added: Aug 10, 2000