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    Jamie Eason's Guide To Improving Your Body's Weak Points

    By: Jamie Eason

    Is your upper body lagging? Are your legs falling behind? Here's how to train your weaknesses for a more symmetrical and balanced physique!

    Date Added: Feb 24, 2014

  • Worst To First: Bring Up Your Lagging Body Parts

    By: Skip La Cour

    So you didn't win the genetic lottery. All it means is that you have to train smarter to pack on lean mass.

    Date Added: Aug 12, 2014

  • Ask The Macro Manager: How Do I Use Nutrition To Build Specific Body Parts?

    By: Mike Roussell, Ph.D.

    You've seen bodybuilders cite nutrition as the secret behind their balanced, strong physiques. If your back is lacking, learn how to strategize for size!

    Date Added: Oct 11, 2012

  • Ric's Corner: Con Demetriou Part 3.

    By: Ric Drasin

    Actually a separate interview rather than part 3 of the original interview with the pro Aussie bodybuilding sensation, Con talks about a recent un-bodybuilder like workout that took place at a MMA training facility, involving tire flips, hammer swings, rope climbs, and other athletic conditioning. A PR piece for his website, he admits backing off a bit on this type of training amidst his contest prep for the Dallas Europa. An off-the-wall but honest discussion of bringing up glutes leads to pondering bodybuilding vs. wrestling vs. MMA fighting as a career choice, and Ric recommends wrestling for the nice guys.

    Date Added: Jan 17, 2012

  • Reinventing The Wheel! A New Training Philosophy For Killer Legs!

    By: Brian Bullman

    I love to train legs, and nothing short of hardcore will suffice. My training philosophy has changed though from how much weight can I put up to how can I achieve the same level of stress on the muscle, without having to resort to lifting heavy weight?

    Date Added: Nov 2, 2010

  • 5 Essential Ways To Balance Your Strong Side With Your Lagging Side!

    By: Chad Shaw

    Let's face it: everyone has at least one weakness when it comes to physique fitness. But everyone can do something about it! Find out the 5 essential ways you can balance your physique when you're pumping iron!

    Date Added: Aug 25, 2010

  • Brandon Curry Unleashed, Season 2: The Complete Package.

    By: Other Writer

    While Brandon's very forthcoming about his opportunities to improve his legs, it's all arms in the gym as he attacks v-bar pushdowns, hybrid high cable curls, skull crushers, and overhead cable curls.

    Date Added: Jun 24, 2010

  • Opposites Attract: Adjusting Split For Partners Weak Points!

    By: Marc Lobliner

    Marc Lobliner and Rob Moran are training partners and while structurally similar, they have weak points to bring up. Here's how you can modify your training split to work for you and your partner.

    Date Added: Mar 19, 2010

  • What Is The Best Workout Scheme To Focus On A Lagging Body Part?

    By: Workout Of The Week

    What is the best workout scheme to focus on a lagging body part? Sometimes we notice that one of our muscle groups are lagging... Here's what you can do to build up lagging parts and overall physique. Try it out!

    Date Added: Mar 19, 2009

  • Top 10 Priorities For Ultimate Physique: Methods Strengthen Weak Spots!

    By: Brad Borland

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a huge, barrel-like chest, massively peaked biceps, and flaring wide front deltoids? Yes! Here are 10 valuable methods of training - along with careful planning - that will show results. Try them now!

    Date Added: Dec 24, 2008

  • Tri-Phase Training, Part 12 - Frequency: Weak Points Training, Day 4.

    By: Marc Lobliner

    In this twelfth and final episode, watch and learn as Scivation's Marc Lobiner and Derek Charlesbois explain Tri-Phase Frequency Training (Phase #3), continuing this week with the final full workout of this series, Weak Point Training on Day Four!

    Date Added: Nov 26, 2008

  • Stubborn Muscle Hypertrophy Workouts - Legs (Chapter 6)

    By: Derek Beast Charlebois

    You strive to create a symmetrical, proportional physique. This book will lay out step-by-step training routines specifically created to bring up lagging muscles' development. This chapter will help you build better legs!

    Date Added: Apr 21, 2008

  • Stubborn Muscle Hypertrophy Workouts - Back (Chapter 4)

    By: Derek Beast Charlebois

    You strive to create a symmetrical, proportional physique. This book will lay out step-by-step training routines specifically created to bring up lagging muscles' development. This chapter will help you build a better back!

    Date Added: Apr 17, 2008

  • Stubborn Muscle Hypertrophy Workouts - Arms (Chapter 5)

    By: Derek Beast Charlebois

    You strive to create a symmetrical, proportional physique. This book will lay out step-by-step training routines specifically created to bring up lagging muscles' development. This chapter will help you build better arms!

    Date Added: Apr 14, 2008

  • Stubborn Muscle Hypertrophy Workouts (Chapters 1-3)

    By: Derek Beast Charlebois

    You strive to create a symmetrical, proportional physique. This book will lay out step-by-step training routines specifically created to bring up lagging muscles' development. So if you have a muscle group you need to bring up, read on!

    Date Added: Apr 1, 2008

  • How Varying One Exercise Can Help Target Different Muscles!

    By: Shannon Clark

    If you are in the gym and are looking for a new way to challenge yourself and add some excitement to your workout, try adding a variation to the classic lunge. See a variety of lunges right here!

    Date Added: Dec 1, 2005

  • When One Side Of A Muscle Group Is Smaller Than The Other...

    By: Nick Nilsson

    Today I am going to share with you some techniques that will help you work on that one side of your body that may be smaller than the other. Check out these great techniques right here!

    Date Added: Nov 8, 2005

  • Daily Specialization Training: Transform Your Weakest Bodyparts Into Your Strongest Bodyparts!

    By: Nick Nilsson

    Experience the power of extremely targeted, high-frequency training. It literally has the power to turn your weakest bodyparts into your best!

    Date Added: Feb 22, 2005

  • Tendon & Ligament Training For Greater Gains!

    By: David Robson

    Learn how to build great tendon and ligament strength and enhance power and overall.

    Date Added: May 21, 2004

  • If At First You Don’t Succeed... Modify!

    By: Jon Huston

    I hope this article will answer some of your questions regarding prioritized training and training modification.

    Date Added: Mar 22, 2004

  • The New Two-Week Plan!

    By: Jason Bennett

    Through years of reading those magazines, doing football workouts and watching the bigger and older guys in the gym I figured out a plan that I thought would be the best for me. I devised this plan with a few key lagging body parts in mind. Find out what it is and how it can help you!

    Date Added: Feb 20, 2004

  • Training Weaknesses - Part 1!

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    Training weaknesses is what powerlifters train for really. Every meet and/or every session, there is always something to improve upon. Here I'm going to talk about the typical training weaknesses on the big 3 that you can go about in the gym!

    Date Added: Feb 10, 2004

  • Abbreviated Specialization Routines!

    By: Shannon Pittman

    If you've read anything in the latest muscle rags about specialization for specific body parts you've most likely read that you must do more for that body part in order to get it to respond. The solution to such a problem is so simple that it often eludes even the most seasoned bodybuilders. Learn why.

    Date Added: Oct 22, 2003

  • You Can't Spot Reduce: Learn Why!

    By: ISSA

    You can't spot reduce! The amount of misinformation on the market has spiraled out of control over the past few years. There are now machines and gadgets that target the inner thigh, the outer thigh, the lower abs, the upper abs, and I could go on and on. Learn why you can't spot reduce!

    Date Added: Aug 19, 2003

  • Power Rack Training!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Once I hit a training plateau I began doing some research, and I realized that the power rack that most gyms do not have was the key that I was looking for. Find out how to improve your weakest links with the power rack!

    Date Added: Jun 23, 2003

  • Get A Grip: 10 Great Grip Exercises!

    By: Cyberpump

    There are many types of forearm/grip exercises which can go along way in enabling you to handle poundage easier in other activities. Learn what they are and how to do them!

    Date Added: May 20, 2003

  • What Makes Muscles Grow?

    By: ISSA

    If you want to develop more muscle, then you better get ready to do some hard work and prepare for slow gains, for the body will only respond to a combination of resistance training, diet and rest.

    Date Added: Mar 14, 2003

  • Why Are You Not Making Gains?

    By: Clayton South

    Millions of people the world over are trapped in bodies they are desperately trying to change, without success. Learn how to continually make gains!

    Date Added: Mar 8, 2003

  • Refresher Course: Say Goodbye To Your Weakest Link!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Aside from getting your nuts trapped in a vice, there's nothing worse than hitting a training plateau. Learn the secrets of building your lagging body parts!

    Date Added: Feb 24, 2003

  • Deltoid Development Through Proper Biomechanics!

    By: ISSA

    Whenever we engage in a lifting movement, we utilize the deltoid muscles. Learn how to get well-developed deltoids with biomechanics!

    Date Added: Feb 7, 2003

  • The 10 Commandments To Big Muscles!

    By: Planet Muscle

    With sincere apologies to all who take their religion seriously (as do I), if you follow these Ten Commandments, your body will be well on its way to heavenly muscle.

    Date Added: Jan 16, 2003

  • The S.M.A.R.T. Method

    By: Zach Marcy

    It stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Constrained. This same test can be used to help us identify a good goal.

    Date Added: Jan 13, 2003

  • Still Having Problems With Those Lower Legs?

    By: Matt Danielsson

    How come your lower legs still look like straws, while the quads and hamstrings seem to be up to par with the upper body? Learn why and how to fix it!

    Date Added: Dec 18, 2002

  • New Year, New Abs: 5 Steps To A Ripped Midsection

    By: Matt Danielsson

    It's that time of year again. The lovehandles are back, and you want your six pack back. It's about time, so let's get down to business.

    Date Added: Dec 11, 2002

  • How To Become A Better Bodybuilder!

    By: Shawn LeBrun

    In fact, I could end this article with that said (some of you probably wish that I would.

    Date Added: Nov 14, 2002

  • The Ultimate Mass Building Workout!

    By: Clayton South

    If, however, you are like most bodybuilders, and are looking for the workout that will put on the most amount of muscle in the shortest period of time, then stay tuned: this may be just the recipe you have been looking for.

    Date Added: Nov 4, 2002

  • Shoulder Training 101

    By: Joey Rodrigues

    A great workout for building cannon ball delts! With exercise pics and printable logs.

    Date Added: Nov 2, 2002

  • The Do's And Don'ts Of Weight Training

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Time for a little checklist of do's and don'ts to make sure you're on track!

    Date Added: Oct 21, 2002

  • Active And Fit In Your 40's And 50's?: Beware Of Boomeritis

    By: Diane Fields

    Babyboomers, the legendary generation that challenged our view of youth in the 1960's are at it again. Born between 1946 and 1964 the oldest boomers are rapidly approaching the age of sixty.

    Date Added: Oct 14, 2002

  • Sledgehammer GPP!

    By: Intensity Magazine

    What I am really going to talk about is a different type of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) exercise-Sledge hammering!

    Date Added: Oct 8, 2002

  • Hitting All The Muscles!

    By: Mike Murphy

    Some say that it is because you can't see it in the mirror while working out, others say that it is because it is harder to train.

    Date Added: Sep 26, 2002

  • Training For Proportionality!

    By: Mike Murphy

    There is nothing like watching a bodybuilding competition and seeing some 'Perfectly Proportioned' Bodybuilders. Or even just going to the gym or walking around school and seeing someone with a nice V-taper.

    Date Added: Sep 23, 2002

  • Your Rejuvenation Starts Within Yourself

    By: John Pasco

    I am convinced, no, I know it for sure: Out there where you are reading these words there are folks who never have thought they could work out and get a muscular physique.

    Date Added: Sep 19, 2002

  • Matt Danielsson

    By: Beefing Up The Forearms

    Matt Danielsson has been weight lifting for over a decade and has 10 years of personal trainer experiance under his belt!

    Date Added: Sep 15, 2002

  • Bodybuilding For Babyboomers - Week Three!

    By: Babyboomers

    Have you been trying to improve parts of your body but you are not getting the results that you want, find out more...

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2002

  • Bodybuilding for Babyboomers

    By: Diane Fields

    From the babyboomers in your 40s and 50s and beyond, this new section of will focus on improving your physique through nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.

    Date Added: Sep 3, 2002

  • Fusion Bench Overview!

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    Well, automatically you think about getting stronger right? And when you think about getting stronger, you think about getting a bigger bench right?

    Date Added: Aug 30, 2002

  • Balancing Act

    By: Ben Black

    For many of us bodybuilders, developing our physiques is a constant juggling act. We are perpetually compelled to stare into a mirror and see if our bodies are in perfect symmetry.

    Date Added: Aug 27, 2002

  • Bodybuilding Safety

    By: Sean Quade

    To learn the fundamentals of exercise safety, you first must be familiar to muscle anatomy.

    Date Added: Aug 25, 2002

  • Power Moves!

    By: Ron Harris

    We all have our favorite exercises for each bodypart, and for many of us they tend to be the same ones.

    Date Added: Aug 21, 2002

  • The High Cost Of Inactivity

    By: Randy Herring

    Statistics show that it costs much less to stay fit than it does to heal health ailments or complications brought on by not living a healthy lifestyle.

    Date Added: Aug 9, 2002

  • Work Those Legs

    By: Lisa Sutton

    If you want to maintain and actually increase your upper body size and strength, get serious and WORK THOSE LEGS!

    Date Added: Aug 6, 2002

  • Developing the Chest

    By: Jon Huston

    The chest is perhaps the most widely sought after aspect of the human physique. It is the part that even the skinny-legged guys on the beach stick out.

    Date Added: Jul 22, 2002

  • Bodybuilding On Wheels

    By: Curtis Schultz

    Muscled athletes wheel their way to the victory stand each year at the NPC Wheelchair National Bodybuilding Championships. Promoter Frank Dalto holds the show in sunny Florida. The Wheelchair Nationals is in its seventh year.

    Date Added: Jul 17, 2002

  • Harmony of Structure & Function: The Lats!

    By: Eric Satterwhite

    For the past few years I have taken upon my self to learn as much as possible about the human body, both from a structural and a bio-chemical stand point.

    Date Added: Jul 9, 2002

  • Flawless Physique: Improve Weak Bodyparts!

    By: Ron Harris

    We all dream of having the perfect body. It's what we spend so many sweat-drenched, pain-wracked hours in the gym for. But who among us has a perfect body? Learn to improve the most common weak bodyparts with this full guide!

    Date Added: Jul 8, 2002

  • The Legs

    By: Sean Quade

    The legs are often neglected because everyone wants a huge upper body. Hell, even I have to confess to this one, I used to ignore my legs and now I am paying the price. The legs are the most powerful muscles on the human body.

    Date Added: Jun 24, 2002

  • Top 5 Mass Building Exercises

    By: David Knowles

    I'm going to tell you five exercises that have great potential for helping you build muscle

    Date Added: Jun 13, 2002

  • Get Back

    By: Ken Bragg

    Do you aspire to have a strong, muscular back? One that captures attention, and commands respect? A back so thick and wide that it puts the look of fear into a tailor's eyes?

    Date Added: Jun 7, 2002

  • The Best Exercises You Aren't Doing #1

    By: Josh Henkin

    It is not uncommon to see most people in the gym performing the same exercises day after day, week after week, year after year. This is one of the most common reasons people never see results and quit. Here are pictures and descriptions of the best exercises that you should be doing!

    Date Added: May 29, 2002

  • Building The Complete Package!

    By: Delbert Hickman

    I want to discuss, in this article, how to identify your strengths and weaknesses and how to attack the weaker areas without sacrificing your stronger areas in order to build the

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • Calf Implants And Synthol: Learn The Truth!

    By: Ron Harris

    Learn the TRUTH about calf implants and Synthol. Are these ethical? Pictures are online!

    Date Added: Apr 11, 2002

  • Supersets for Super Size!

    By: Bryan Locke

    What would you say if I told you there was a method of building more muscle mass, in less time? For those of you who are interested, I'll attempt to explain a very underestimated training technique that will shock your muscles into extreme growth.

    Date Added: Apr 9, 2002

  • Transforming The Ineffective To Effective: The Barbell Bench Press!

    By: Bob Hargrave

    You do these tried and true exercises (cables & barbells) because everybody tells you that they are the best for building a great physique. Then come along free weights that blow them away. Learn more...

    Date Added: Mar 8, 2002

  • Fundamental Exercises

    By: John Giljum

    When it comes to training, some muscles fatigue easier than others. It can be from a number of different things. The burn factor for example: calves just hurt like heck to train- actually, any of your leg muscles burn like crazy, so a lot of people neglect them.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Priority Training: How Important Is it?

    By: Bryan Locke

    If you're looking to become a bodybuilder, and you've been reading my articles, then you probably realize by now how much emphasis I've been placing on the importance of overall bodily symmetry versus being the biggest guy on the stage. Here is how to build up your WEAK body parts.

    Date Added: Jan 19, 2002

  • Weak Links!

    By: Josh Henkin

    It seems that most articles written today are trying to improve your bench press. However, if you want real success in the gym, whether it be increasing strength, losing bodyfat, or gaining muscle, you will also have to be proficient in other exercises like pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, and other complex movements. Here are some common weak points that people have and how to get them up to par.

    Date Added: Dec 31, 2001

  • Lagging Body Parts

    By: Phano Som

    Unless you are Flex Wheeler or Ronnie Coleman, whenever you look into the mirror, you can't help but notice that your physique has its strengths and weaknesses. Bring up your lagging body parts!

    Date Added: Jun 21, 2001

  • Shocking Lagging Body Parts

    By: Big Red

    For all of those whose gains have either slowed down or stopped, I know how frustrating this can be. Here are some shocking techniques for bring up your weaker body parts.

    Date Added: May 2, 2001